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Fantasy and Philosophy posted 18 June 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionFantasy and Philosophy by Loof, Peralogue

Let's say that you make an assuption about something in physics, then try to prove it right. If it turns out to be true, then you have done something of great value. But what if it is not true? How does the physicist handle that situation? Becuase he assumed he was right in the first place, he will most likely hang on to that assumption and wont let go until hes faced with too much evidence to otherwise. This could cause a lot of problems for him.

I just have to correct your example of how a scientist works here, you see the basis for all experiment based sciece isn't proving you are right. It's proving you are not wrong.
State hypothesis, then do your best to disprove what you think might be the case. If you can't, then publish your hypothesis and let everyone else have a go att proveing you wrong. Untill they manage to do that the hypothesis will be considered "true".

Sorry to nitpick but I had to point out that empirical experiments are done witha diferent mentality then your example. Besides this point i agree with you that asumptions are often in the way, but i also think that some asumptions will always have to exist or you would have no reason to do anything (as peter already said).
If i realy had to be more precise then that i would say that subconcious asumptions are nessesary for us to act att all (by subconcious i mean thinks that are so obvious that if we dont stop and realy analyse the situation we would not even think of them). But that concious assumptions are often in the way, in other words expectations and hopes that we are concious of will often make us disapointed or be in the way of our learning stuff. If you expect little you will not be lett down (the key difference here would be expect nothing vs the worst which could easily lead to depression I think).

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