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kellhus == good guy?? posted 03 Feb 2004, 04:02 by banditski, Candidate

i originally posted this on a discussion board for a song of ice and fire, but i think it should get more response here... ----- maybe i'm too into asoiaf - and all the twists that comes with it - but i somehow see kellhus as being a 'bad' guy. at first i thought he was kind of a 'prince who was promised' kinda guy - the ultimate badasskicker. but now i'm starting to wonder if he is part of, or a different faction of, the bad guys. i doubt that he's in with the non-men, but the non-men aren't necessarily with the no-god. quoting the non-man from the prologue, "i have ridden both against and for the no-god in the great wars that authored this wilderness." so being the enemy of a non-man doesn't make you a 'good guy'. at least i'm quite skeptical that kellhus is simply out to assassinate his father because he 'polluted' the dunyain 'isolation' - which kellhus is doing all over the three seas now, incidentally... ----- it doesn't make much sense now when i reread it, but the point is that i'm really doubting which 'side' kellhus is on... view post


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