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Like father like son? posted 11 Jul 2004, 11:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtLike father like son? by Joel, Commoner

In TWP we learned that Kellhus, and presumably, his father are members of the Few. Moenghus even appears to lead a faction within the Cishaurim. And so far, Kellhus has trodden many of the same roads as Moenghus; this evidenced by Cnaiur, the nonman mage, and more I'm sure, but these lept to mind quickly. Does this mean that Kellhus will continue that road, which the title of the 3rd book strongly suggests, and become a Cishaurim? Anyone else think this could happen? We do know that Akka never taught him anything really substantial of the Gnosis. And with his percieved betrayal regarding Esmenet it appears unlikely he would teach Kellhus that. Of course, that's the great thing about how Kellhus has been written, he could change Akka's mind in moments. (Afterall, what better weapon against the Consult than a Gnositic Warrior Prophet.) Would the secrets and power of a Cishaurim be enough for him to turn his back on the Holy War? Or would it make more sense to hop aboard the snake-seeing train when the Holy War finally peters out? And before I go, anyone got any thoughts on what Kellhus and Moenghus really want? Other than meeting each other. Will they strive to kill each other, or work together to rule the world? Or, joyously reunite and settle down peacefully? The two books have been plotting to that moment of meeting, but for what exact purpose/reason beyond that? Can it really be as easy as; so they can stop the Consult. The Consult's fear of the Cishaurim suggests that. Seems kinda small though. There must be something I'm missing. Sorry for the long sentences, general tone, and poor grammar. view post

posted 17 Jul 2004, 12:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtLike father like son? by Joel, Commoner

[b:31dp33yg]Replay[/b:31dp33yg]: Why would Moenghus care enough about the Consult to launch a covert war on them? We know little about Moenghus, but if Kelhus is any guide, he wouldn't really care until they started interfering with his goals. So what could that possibly be? This is where I keep coming to in my thoughts. So much seems to rest on this one man whom has barely been written. Has he been corrupted by the world, straying far from the Dunyain path? Or has he reached a truer enlightenment and seeks to initiate all upon the shortest way? blah, blah, blah.....Who is he and what are his goals? The hidden war between Moenghus/Cisharium and the Consult certainly provides a great reason for calling his son after all those years. But, I alos tend to agree with Anor277 about the head of the Scarlet Spires not being a skin-spy. I think it's more likely that the consult masqueraded as the Cisharuim to enlist the Scarlet Spires might. Besides, why have two high ranking skin spies in the same faction? Aren't they rarer than that? Scarcellus and Skaeos both seemed alone in their respective camps. Of course, so far all skin spies have names beginning with S. Hmmmmm. Can skin spies also be members of the few then? That could certainly change things. I agree with [b:31dp33yg]Saintjon[/b:31dp33yg]. I really don't want Achamiam to teach the Gnosis to Kelhus either. But, I do think he's going to learn magic. He's not the type who would let any advantage atrophy. Which brings me back to my original question about Kelhus becoming a Cisharium like his father. It still seems likely to me. I'm strange in that I want to be surprised. Having Achamiam cave and teach Kelhus is just too expected. Wow, I didn't realize I was so jaded. [b:31dp33yg]Anor277[/b:31dp33yg]: Why would Akka bear a grudge? Page 574 (10th paragraph or so) of the Warrior Prophet; '[i:31dp33yg]I carry his child.[/i:31dp33yg]' How? How could she betray him? " You somehow survive the impossible, thanks in part to the love you share with your soulmate, stagger back across untold hardships only to find the love of your life, your reason for living (especially in Achamiam's case), in bed with your closest friend. I certainly wouldn't blame him for holding a grudge before you get into all the other reasons regarding manipulation and deception. But, if Achamiam can get past his emotion than yes, it makes perfect sense to teach him the Gnosis. Can he though, is something we just have to wait and see. Any bets? An interesting angle might have Akka teaching the Gnosis to Kelhus so he can gain respect and regain the pride that was lost when Conphas and the other Great Names mocked him. Becoming the open advisor/teacher to the reborn Warrior Prophet/Saviour kelhus would certainly show those who mocked him a thing or two. Speculation is fun. Wish I could finish reading the trilogy tomorrow though. view post

posted 14 Aug 2004, 21:08 in Literature Discussionsarah ash by Joel, Commoner

I just finished Lord of Snow and Shadows a few days ago. For a new author it was really good. I'll be picking up the rest of the series. The only thing I didn't really like was that there was too many moments where I'm thinking 'if only they could talk to each other, because there's no real reason for this conflict.' I'm still left with the feeling that Eugene and Gavril would have gotten along if they'd met in a friendly setting. ***spoilers*** Oh, and in hindsight, certain events came off just a little too abrupt. Jaro's death, and the banishing of the spirit wraiths in particular. view post

posted 15 Aug 2004, 10:08 in Literature Discussionsarah ash by Joel, Commoner

ah thanks Drosdelnoch, I didn't know that. Lord of Snow and Shadows has been the only book of hers I've seen in bookstores around so I just kinda assumed....especially because there was no mention of other things she had written in the short bio that came with the book. I might have to track down some of the other stuff she's written. view post

posted 18 Aug 2004, 22:08 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Joel, Commoner

Just finished The Ships of Air by Martha Wells. I'm not sure what to read next. Have to go to a bookstore soon. view post

posted 03 Sep 2004, 12:09 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnair by Joel, Commoner

Interesting thread. Although I'm not sure I'm understanding everything that's been said so far. I haven't really given much thought to Cnaiur in the greater sense of things as near the end of TWP his role seemed to diminish. In general he comes across to me as a foil/counter/opposite of sorts for Kelhus. All rage and passion to Kelhus's endless objectivity. I suspect that that is why Kelhus still uses him, a sort of fascination with something so different, has he ever been able to study a madman before? Plus, he is easy to manipulate and a powerful man. Why discard the tool you might need. I'm sympathetic to Cnaiur because of the more straightforward honesty inherent in him. I'd never want to meet him but his character is a pleasant rarity in The Prince of Nothing so far. It's refreshing to read about him after all the pages devoted to people manipulating each other. And as to speculation about where he is heading well, I tend to think that either he's going to continue his degradation and die. Or there will be a redemption of him which eventually leads to him returning to command the Scylvendi in the 2nd Apocalypse. Wow, what daring guesswork.....:-( view post


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