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posted 28 Oct 2007, 00:10 in Book ClubOfficial Book Club discussion nominations by Bluehot, Commoner

For a book similar to The Prince of Nothing, you should read Glen Cook's A Cruel Wind, the Dread Empire Chronicle. The same type of non traditional Fantasy creation with real people in a world so real you want to spit the grit out of your teeth. He is better known for the Balck Company novels. The first 3 of those are excellant and highly reccommended, but the Dread Empire is something special. I also like a couple of series by nominal Sci Fi authors, CJ Cherryh and Lois McMaster Bujold. view post

posted 28 Oct 2007, 00:10 in Literature DiscussionNothing against female Fantasy authors but... by Bluehot, Commoner

I agree with the greenman Lois McMaster Bujold is a great author. Her fantasies are a bit romantic but they are original and compelling. Her Sci Fi is better though. I love the Miles Vorkosigan novels. CJ Cherryh has some great fantasy novels, very intense and engaing from a charachterization perspective. I have just started a couple of Sarah Ash's books and they are good as well. view post

posted 28 Oct 2007, 01:10 in Literature DiscussionWhat subgroup of speculative fiction do you prefer? by Bluehot, Commoner

I am definately a Sci Fi fan first and foremost. There is just not enough good stories and authors out there though. The publishing world is running about 5 to 1 fantasy to Sci fi so in between Sci Fi releases I like fantasy. But there is too much epic quest stuff out there, and not enough like Bakker and Glen Cook. Game of Thrones was good for about the first 2 and a half books. Then it just got tedious. Fantasy seems like such a sellout right now. Everyone just writes it cause its where the money is right now. There is so little discipline to tell a good story, it seems its more aabout filling up inches of shelf space. Its so hard to find something good amoungst the mountains of dreck. view post


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