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posted 03 Jul 2006, 20:07 in Writing TipsFight Scenes? by TheRooster, Commoner

Try reading some stuff by R.A. Salvatore...he's a bit light compared to Bakker and some others but his fight choreography is among the best. There seems to be two separate schools of thought on this from what I read, I tend to think of them as "symbolic" and "technical." Technical is what you're doing, describing each thrust, etc. the key--as said before--is rationing your details. Symbolic is more along the lines of Robert Jordan (and sometimes Bakker) in that it uses metaphors and imagery to describe a fight, and lets your knowledge of fighting fill in the technical stuff. This is the style that also focuses more on the character being a bit confused and rushed by the insanity of battle. I'll try to demonstrate each...though it's off the cuff so bear with me. Describing a thrust/parry/counter mini-scene. technical: Robard stepped left, away from his fiery eyed opponent's sword arm. The crazed man swung, bringing his sword down in a tight arc at Robard's shoulder. Robard swung up, catching the sword at the pommel with his own blade and turned it across his body and spinning left to the man's side. The crazed eyes opened in terror as Robard finished the spin, sinking his sword inbetween the man's ribs. Symbolic: Floating left, Robard saw the twitch in the man's shoulder. His sword came like the sun, a semi-circle of steel. Robard moved in the forms of defense. Steel rang on steel and the sun continued its journey downwards and across at impossible angles. Robard turned left. The changing of day to night. The Shifting of avoidance to aggression. His sword now becoming the sun, casting its light to reveal the man's folly it seemed. It shone with piercing rays that revealed blood, bone and death to his opponent. Now as far as making the opponents more than 6 nameless "guys". Try to give a few of them--the ones who will do more than die quickly--some distinguishing trait. Fiery hair, crazed eyes, a beard, or a long scar. This makes them a bit more palpable without making them seem more than they are: fodder to increase your character's legend. :D view post


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