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posted 09 May 2006, 23:05 in Literature DiscussionPON vs MBOF vs ASOIAF by FanManSC, Candidate

I enjoyed ASoIaF at first, and then as the books progressed, every character that you could care about, good or bad, was killed or maimed. In the middle of the third book (I can't remember the name at the moment), I just gave it up. FanManSC view post

posted 12 May 2006, 22:05 in Off-Topic DiscussionBattlestar Galactica on SciFi by FanManSC, Candidate

I have only seen the pilot/mini-series on dvd (I have seasons one and two on my Netflix list). I own the entire original series, which I loved when it was on TV, but now it seems slow paced to me. The new version has hooked me. I also love Firefly. It's a shame that show got cancelled so fast. view post

posted 17 May 2006, 18:05 in The Thousandfold ThoughtTTT Map by FanManSC, Candidate

Go to the PoN website, and the map is there for the printing. view post

posted 23 May 2006, 19:05 in The Thousandfold Thoughtnonmen by FanManSC, Candidate

The nonmen seem to hate men now, so I'm not sure they would fight on their side in a war. There could be a side chapter of them attacking Golgotterath when the army of sranc was gone, or before it is formed. view post

posted 30 May 2006, 14:05 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Meeting between Kellhus & Moenghus? by FanManSC, Candidate

First, the Dunyain were formed during the first apocalypse, which wasn't the first war with the Inchoroi. They definitely aren't looking for a second Sejenus. That implies looking for the outside, not ignoring it like they do. Skin-spies that can infilitrate schools are very rare. They generally don't have souls, so they can't do sorcery. The Spires have many soldiers that could be replaced, but the Mandate don't seem to have the kind af army the Spires do, because they don't try to rule a nation. When they had one that could replace a sorceror, they sent it to the Mandate, because they knew that was their real enemy. Kellhus must care about humanity in some way if he is trying to stop the Second Apocalypse. That is the crux of TTT. Why he would care is a tougher question to answer, given the Dunyain's history. I would think that they wouldn't actively try to close off the outside, but it doesn't seem like it would bother them. view post

posted 31 May 2006, 18:05 in The Thousandfold ThoughtHoly war goals - Consult and Kellhus by FanManSC, Candidate

I think that Kellhus needed them dead in order to unite the religions under himself. The Inrithi are fine with various forms of the God, but the Fanim are not, and the Cishaurim, as the priests of Fanimry, would oppose him more than anyone. view post

posted 01 Jun 2006, 18:06 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Dream that went wrong by FanManSC, Candidate

[quote:kf5cftwt] He weilded the heron spear. The heron spear then becomes the most important tool in the war. I think the parallels are crucial for Akka. He must face those parallels. The heron spear, the only thing that can harm the no-god is lost, and little is said about it other than that. The one thing that is said is that Seswatha himself came with the heron spear and fought the no-god. [/quote:kf5cftwt] I thought that the King of Cenei(?) wielded the Heron Spear against the No-God. (Sorry, I don't have the book with me) I do think that Akka will be a large part of the answer to the second apoc., but I still believe that Kellhus is a good guy. view post

posted 08 Jun 2006, 20:06 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAkka by FanManSC, Candidate

Just a thought that popped into my head, but in 20 years Akka could be a sort of hermit, sort of gone into the wilderness, and Kellhus might need to send someone (his son? :? ) to find him. He will need his Seswatha to truly fight the Second Apocalypse. view post

posted 22 Jun 2006, 21:06 in Literature DiscussionThe Chronicles of Thomas Covenant (first series) by FanManSC, Candidate

Donaldson is one of my favorite authors. I also recommend the Gap series, which is just as dark as Covenant. But the first Covenant series was the better of them. The first time I read them, I stayed up until 3 in the morning reading book 3 straight through. I can agree with people that think he's whiny. but he is far more real as a character than most protagonists. view post

posted 07 Jul 2006, 18:07 in Literature DiscussionFavorite books/series by FanManSC, Candidate

Greenman, I agree. I enjoyed both of those books a lot. They are books that I kept to read again. view post

posted 14 Jul 2006, 17:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by FanManSC, Candidate

I started GotM because of the recommendations on this post. About two thirds of the way through, and I'm liking it a lot. Definitely enough to go out and buy the others. I really loved ASoIaF through two and a half books. But when the nobody characters had finally killed or maimed about 75% of the main characters, I just couldn't take it anymore. view post

posted 20 Jul 2006, 15:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtQuestions by FanManSC, Candidate

The female characters in the series are all women living the way they can in their world. This is a medieval type setting, where the women have no overt power and must find it however they can. This has been discussed in other posts on the board. As to the ecosystem, I'm not sure how that works, but it seems as if the nonmen and the men developed in different parts of the world, and the men just wandered into the nonmen's area. The Inchoroi and the Sranc are introduced species, the Inchoroi by crashing in their spaceship/ark, and the Sranc by the Inchoroi. Hope that helps. view post

posted 21 Jul 2006, 13:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtQuestions by FanManSC, Candidate

Dagda, the humans were there before the Nonman/Inchoroi wars. There is a passage in the appendices about the nonmen that tells of their human slaves. I don't have the book with me to give you the reference. The humans don't seem to have advanced very far until they were taught by the nonmen. I tend to think of it as the nonmen had their time of dominance, and then it passed to humans. view post

posted 01 Aug 2006, 19:08 in Literature DiscussionFavorite books/series by FanManSC, Candidate

The Shannara books are great. They get better and better. The Sword of Shannara seemed like a total rip off of LOTR, and it was still great to read. High Druid is a really original series. view post

posted 04 Sep 2006, 18:09 in The Thousandfold Thoughtso what happens now???? by FanManSC, Candidate

Spire, Scott is already working on a new trilogy set in the same place twenty years later. The first book is called Aspest-Emperor. I think I saw that it should be out in about a year to 18 months. There is more about it in the forums, I think in the author Q&A section. view post

posted 14 Sep 2006, 19:09 in Literature DiscussionEddings by FanManSC, Candidate

I agree, Scel. It seems to me that every character in his books, even a 12 year old, is incredibly witty. Far too much so. view post


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