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posted 19 Mar 2006, 15:03 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeYour favourite character? by Nikodemus, Commoner

Kellhus all the way. The reasons have already been said. view post

posted 19 Mar 2006, 16:03 in Literature DiscussionSusanna Clarke by Nikodemus, Commoner

I read this book during a holiday weekend and I really enjoyed it... I don´t really know what was fun. Just that it was. view post

posted 19 Mar 2006, 18:03 in Literature DiscussionEddings by Nikodemus, Commoner

Ehh... Here's another one who thought the Althalus books was among the best of Eddings book which are as said enjoyable but not the best fantasy you can find. view post

posted 23 Mar 2006, 15:03 in Philosophy DiscussionFree Will by Nikodemus, Commoner

According to science we haven't got a free will as you've said. We are by everything around us and as long as you just believe in science No we haven´t got a free will but if you believe in some god or any other overnatural beings etc. then yes maybe. It's up to your beliefs. If there is a god then he have to be a exception and maybe he's outside our understanding. He and our souls might have a influence over our deciscion in a way which science can't understand view post


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