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Life and Death posted 29 March 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionLife and Death by Zarathinius, Auditor

Isn't it wonderful how grand, esoteric subjects like the will to live tend to morph into other esoteric topics? Thus far, off the top of my head, this thread has discussed left-handedness, evolution, atheism, religion, spirituality, the distinction between scientific fact and theory, and any number of little smart-people natterings in between. Why we want to live is such a broad question, and the scientific explanation leaves so much to be desired. We make up for our own frustrating inability to understand ourselves with religion, science, philosophy, and roundabout discussions of all three. In this manner, we humans are able to live with the fact that certain things simply slip our understanding. view post

the bible is the solution posted 21 May 2007 in Philosophy Discussionthe bible is the solution by Zarathinius, Auditor

Yes, yes, the Bible has the answers... the Torah I am fairly sure has most of them, although I'm sure a few might be found in the New Testament. I'm better acquainted with the Torah and Kabbala, however (not well acquainted, but better). So does Shaolin Buddhism; some of the answers are there as well. I'm sure a yogi would tell you that there are answers in Hinduism also.

Even the Principia Discordia and other works of the same nature contain answers, although their focus tends to be on helping us find the answers for ourselves.

The answers are everywhere, Aerek urs Sjaarda. Don't look for them in just one place. Even an atheist can find them; the whole process is more about personal choice than specific paths.

But then, I'm speaking in vague generalities. Oh well. view post

Who will be President in 2008 posted 21 May 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionWho will be President in 2008 by Zarathinius, Auditor

I think that Mike Gravel character should get more attention. At least he sounds presidential.

Stupid media and their inattentiveness towards second-tier candidates. *grumble* view post

Other forums frequented posted 30 May 2007 in Off-Topic DiscussionOther forums frequented by Zarathinius, Auditor

[url:3n7wkvo3][/url:3n7wkvo3] is a relatively new forum. We've even kinda sorta started our own wiki. Love to see some new members there... </whoring> view post

The idea of global beauty posted 06 June 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionThe idea of global beauty by Zarathinius, Auditor

I think those who referenced Pythagoras and nature were both correct. There exists a concept called "Sacred" or "Golden" Geometry, the idea that there are certain proportions that are inherently perfect or ideal (please, no tangent arguments about the use of the word "perfect").

Specifically, the Golden Ratio (known by way too many pretentious names), approximately 1 : 1.618, is believed by some to be the most visually appealing proportion for just about anything, and indeed variations of it can be found in nature.

It is my belief that the garish colors that characterized the 1970's are considered distasteful today specifically because they were so unnatural. And who doesn't feel a little bit depressed when they see row upon row of suburban houses all painted the same color and to the same building plan, as they so often are? Housing that is built in one fell swoop does not reflect the natural growth of human communities that can be seen in old neighborhoods.

So the concept of global beauty is more about familiarity than an inherent aesthetic sensibility.

This is my personal, barely researched, and off-the-cuff opinion. Feel free to critique it until it screams for mercy. For that matter, feel free to disregard it completely. view post

Discordianism posted 06 June 2007 in Literature DiscussionDiscordianism by Zarathinius, Auditor

I'm not sure if it's proper to call it "literature", but has anyone read the Principia Discordia? Or its sequel, the Apocrypha Discordia? They're both available as free e-books on the internet. view post

What is going on in Iraq? posted 12 June 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat is going on in Iraq? by Zarathinius, Auditor

The US has to fight because we got suckered into believing that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (a false claim, made to call up ghosts from the Cold War between the US and Soviet Russia) and connections to Al Queda (also a false claim, made to take advantage of American ignorance of the Middle East).

Also, the US rejected UN offers of help early on, preferring to throw its big fat American weight around and do things without international strings attached. Now we've failed in Iraq, the Taliban is returning to Afghanistan, and we wonder why the rest of the world sees the USA as a country of ignorant pissants lead by an asshat president. No one else wants to get dragged into the quagmire, and our few remaining friends are mostly interested in making money.

Also also, the Iraq war has put the USA trillions of dollars into debt. Most countries barely have a fraction of that much economic clout. After WWII the USA enjoyed an economic boom because it had been its own war machine with its own wartime economy, but now we rely on international trade partners (and by that I mean "China") for everything from steel to socks.

Also also also, many European countries have a much higher percentage of Muslims in their population, and they tend to be more radical than American Muslims. You remember the riots in France not too long ago? Imagine that happening on a much larger scale throughout Europe. They aren't foolish enough to create that kind of turmoil inside their own borders.

I'm sure I forgot a few, but those should be enough to depress you for a while. Would our friends from countries other than America please provide more depressing information? view post

What is going on in Iraq? posted 13 June 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat is going on in Iraq? by Zarathinius, Auditor

Quote: "Randal":1jhrrftx
As for why Bush attacked... I never did understand. At the time, I believed they had WMDs, but I thought that wasn't a sensible reason to attack either. Of course, I never bought the Al-Queda connection, and neither did anybody else in Europe that I know. Now, I just don't know. Pride? A belief they could easily reform the Middle East and avert a long-term threat to the US? Those seem most likely to me. [/quote:1jhrrftx]

Pride, certainly. Mixed with equal parts ignorance and a belief in "magical" solutions (topple Saddam, Iraqis greet us as liberators, Middle East becomes stable, yay! Oops). Add in some Islamophobia and political lobbyists, and you've got a nice recipe for something truly dreadful. view post

What is going on in Iraq? posted 13 June 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat is going on in Iraq? by Zarathinius, Auditor

Carrying on with what Randal said, the French public probably wouldn't approve of military action in Iraq. To them, it might look suspiciously like their government was fighting a war for the United States and justifying it by twisting anti-terrorism ideals out of shape.

Everyone agrees that terrorism is a bad thing. But when our governments use terrorism to frighten (terrorize) us into accepting foolish policies, we're playing right into their hands. Imagine that: Western civilization destroyed, just the way they wanted it, but from the inside through fear and confusion (literally, terror) rather than from the outside with bombs.

Sorry, I've gone rambling off onto a tangent. view post

What is going on in Iraq? posted 14 June 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat is going on in Iraq? by Zarathinius, Auditor

Ha! A guest on The Colbert Report was saying almost the exact same thing.

"War on Drugs", "War on Poverty", "War on Terror", what do they all have in common? That's right, they all fail. People forget that wars almost never end up the way either side intended. view post

Paradise Lost posted 16 June 2007 in Literature DiscussionParadise Lost by Zarathinius, Auditor

Never read it... but I did see a copy of it in the library once.

It was way in the back, where all the old books nobody looks at are semi-hidden, and it was a small red leather-bound copy no bigger than my hand. The hard cover was slightly warped, but other than that it was in good condition. When I opened it, somebody had written on the blank piece of paper that comes before the title page; it had been a Christmas present someone gave to their father in something like 1873.

I was tempted to ask if I could keep it... THEN I found out much later that Paradise Lost is a famous prose-poem everybody but me knew about. But none of them had seen that particular copy. view post

What if Kellhus was one of us? posted 17 July 2007 in General DiscusssionWhat if Kellhus was one of us? by Zarathinius, Auditor

Probably... he would find that in our modern world the most powerful people are not necessarily the most famous. He might use his mental abilities to become a technology wizard or a business giant (or both). Or maybe he'd become something more like Jason Bourne (I only saw the second movie, the Bourne Supremacy, but I still thought it was awesome).

Undoubtedly though, the Secret Global Conspiracy® would try to draft him. view post

"Have you ever met someone who is smarter than you?&quo posted 17 July 2007 in Philosophy Discussion"Have you ever met someone who is smarter than you?&quo by Zarathinius, Auditor

I would put forth that some people who answer "no" to this question don't spend much time talking to other people. It takes time to accurately gauge how intelligent someone is compared to oneself. Or, perhaps the problem is that they do talk, and never listen.

It might also be possible that more egotistical intellectuals simply annoy everyone around them, and annoyed people rarely display glittering intellect. I've occasionally met people who thought they were smarter than me, and I've found myself responding with nods and "yeah"s. view post

OK Creation - but why? posted 17 July 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionOK Creation - but why? by Zarathinius, Auditor

Some believe that a Creator is necessary, because nothing comes from nothing (i.e., the universe couldn't simply pop into existence). Thermodynamics and all that jazz.

However, in the absence of an extant universe, do universal laws still exist? By "absence", I mean less than empty space, less than even the absence of matter and energy.

Here is a little parable I read somewhere that describes what I mean quite beautifully:

"Before the universe was formed, Something and Nothing decided to flip a coin to see which one of them would be the one to fill the void. But in order for a coin to be flipped, Something (namely, the coin) had to exist. Therefore, we are here today because Something is a dirty cheater."

In my own words, the universe came into being because there was nothing to stop it doing so. Now that it exists, the laws of physics exist as part of it, and things like spontaneous creation just don't happen anymore, so long as it exists.

I present all of the above as evidence that God is a crazy woman. view post

Is Kelhus a criticism of Jesus/religion? posted 20 July 2007 in Author Q & AIs Kelhus a criticism of Jesus/religion? by Zarathinius, Auditor

I personally like to think that the PoN is simply different, an alternate universe that isn't colored by any underlying themes (any more so than our real world is). Things in the Three Seas simply happen, for better or for worse, just like in the real world.

But then again, I never got on very well with most of my English teachers. Finding &quot;the moral of the story&quot; has always been a rather low priority for me <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) --> view post

What if Kellhus was one of us? posted 25 July 2007 in General DiscusssionWhat if Kellhus was one of us? by Zarathinius, Auditor

Quote: &quot;anor277&quot;:3scw9qlh
I can see that this forum is full of a lot of heretics who would deny Paris Hilton's manifest divinity.[/quote:3scw9qlh]

I too find the people of this forum to be very intelligent and perceptive individuals. view post

Harry Potter (don't hurt me) posted 18 August 2007 in Literature DiscussionHarry Potter (don't hurt me) by Zarathinius, Auditor

Also a 9+ from me. Loose ends were wrapped up, although I agree with Curethan that some of the action scenes made my head spin a little bit.

And, to finish it off, a satisfying epilogue to silence all those dirty fanfics out there on the interwebs. view post

What happens when your soul leaves your body? posted 26 September 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat happens when your soul leaves your body? by Zarathinius, Auditor

I voted for &quot;cease to be,&quot; but I know that the Kabbala refers to the highest, most distant part of the divine as Keter (Crown), and this part also symbolizes nothingess. For creation (of the universe in general, that is) to occur, there must be a void for it to fill, yes?

Ceasing to be, then, is equivalent to reunification with the Godhead. view post

Are depressed people more realistic? posted 03 October 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionAre depressed people more realistic? by Zarathinius, Auditor

They're still seeing things from a skewed perspective. Depressed people tend to view things from a morose point of view, which is not necessarily any more 'real' than how non-depressed people see things. Grumpy, pessimistic people like to claim that they're just being realistic. However, they're still irritating to be around and never accomplish anything. Hence, the realism of one's outlook may not really matter if one's outlook makes one apathetic.

Also, &quot;reality&quot; is ridiculously subjective; I think we've probably got a fair few threads on that topic alone. <!-- s:wink: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif" alt=":wink:" title="Wink" /><!-- s:wink: --> view post

Are depressed people more realistic? posted 04 November 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionAre depressed people more realistic? by Zarathinius, Auditor

Quote: &quot;Jamara&quot;:2ah4i96h
Wow, you nailed me on the head. &quot;Grumpy, pessimistic people like to claim that they're just being realistic.&quot; Yep, that's me. But that doesn't make me apathetic. I try to see all possible outcomes and plan for the most likely. It is just my perspective that the less happy outcomes tend to be the more frequent outcomes. And if I am always planning for the worst yet hoping for the best, then I can never really be broadsided by harsh reality.[/quote:2ah4i96h]

But that's not being 'depressed.' It's not depression unless your overweening realism reduces you to a flabby lump of human flesh that refuses to do anything because &quot;it's just not worth trying.&quot; view post

Discordianism posted 09 March 2008 in Literature DiscussionDiscordianism by Zarathinius, Auditor

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Read, and ye shall be enlightened. Whether you like it or not. view post

Gnosis vs. Anagogis, and sorcery in general posted 09 March 2008 in Author Q &amp; AGnosis vs. Anagogis, and sorcery in general by Zarathinius, Auditor

Sorry to jump in like this, but I imagine that the difference between the Anagogis and the Gnosis is comparable to the difference between nitroglycerin and a nuclear reaction. They both go BOOM, but the former is a harnessing of naturally existing chemical reactions, while the latter uses a deeper understanding of the nature of matter to release a purer (and ultimately more powerful) form of energy. view post

Logos is theft posted 09 March 2008 in The Warrior ProphetLogos is theft by Zarathinius, Auditor

Quote: &quot;Mandati Wannabe&quot;:2bqfjxql
Quote: &quot;Nerdanel&quot;:2bqfjxql

The self-moving soul means essentially solipsistic insanity, which is not a positive trait in the real world.[/quote:2bqfjxql]

I disagree, I think it means you would be completely in control of yourself. It doesn't necessarily means you close yourself off to anything outside of yourself, merely that you actually THINK of what you are doing, and more importantly, why, before you do it.

The idea of the Dunyain, from my perspective, is that humans are capable of free will, but that what most people view as their own free will is a total illusion. How can you truly call it your own &quot;free will&quot; when you are merely responding, as you have been conditioned to, to events outside your control?

Every one of the people who follow him do so willingly. He doesn't force anyone to do so.[/quote:2bqfjxql]

You've taken the words right out of my mouth. <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D --> view post


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