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TTT Encyclopedia posted 07 Mar 2006, 03:03 in Author Q & ATTT Encyclopedia by VJustin, Commoner

Hey Mr. Bakker, I suppose I'll begin with some brief praise that you are all too tired of hearing. I'm a huge fan of your work. George R. R. Martin showed me how wonderful fantasy could be and (I was afraid) ruined the genre for me. That was, until I came across Prince of Nothing. I am currently re-reading the series in preparation for TTT and am now realizing how much more I like your word that A Song of Ice and Fire. Easily my favorite series. Truly fantastic. Everything I look for in fantasy (and fiction for that matter). my question is in regards to The Thousandfold Thought. I just picked it up yesterday and was leafing through the appendices and was a bit worried about what I saw. Seems like a lot of the secrets you've been guarding regarding the history of your world are revealed. Brooding over the mysterious world-building has been one of my favorite aspects of your works. Should I wait until I finish TTT until I read the apendices? Are most of the secrets revealed in the appendicies revealed within the actual book as well? Or should I read the appendices before? Or during? Could I even refer to it now while finisishing a re-read of Warrior-Prophet? Thanks! view post

The trackless sea...(and some other questions) posted 08 Mar 2006, 04:03 in The Warrior ProphetThe trackless sea...(and some other questions) by VJustin, Commoner

Hey everyone, I was just re-reading TWP and stumbled across an interesting line. Just before the battle on the Sempis River, Cnaiur walks into the Meneanor Sea to wash his broadsword (pg 291). He then contemplates the tracklessness of the sea. He then wonders "What is it his father had said of the sea"? I fear I have missed this subtlty. Was it mentioned earlier what his father had said of the sea? Also, if I may ask a few other random questions I've stumbled across. I've seen Earl Cerjulla mentioned as being one of the Lords commanding the reserves at the Battle of the River Sempis. What nation is he a member of and where have we seen him before? Also, the Agmundrmen under Earl Cynnae. What nationality are they? And is it just me or were they not mentioned at the Battle of the River Sempis. I do remember them being mentioned often on the planes of Mengedda. Also, I remember Iryssas being mentioned as being Majordomo t Xinemus's house because he is the youngest son of Xin's only suriving uncle. What does Majordomo mean? It can't be heir if he is the youngest son. Also for that matter, what are the differences between Potentate, and Palatine? This is something I have often wondered. If anyone has any of these answers and any page numbers I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! view post

TTT Map posted 10 Mar 2006, 21:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtTTT Map by VJustin, Commoner

I just got my copy of TTT a few days ago and noticed something strange. The Three-Seas map is very blurry. Almost like it is the product of a faulty scanner. The title of the map is clear, and the other two maps are fine, however. Anyone else have this problem? I wanted to check before I went back and returned it (it was the only copy and I'd have to order another one). Thanks. -Justin view post

Nilnameshi posted 02 May 2006, 02:05 in The Warrior ProphetNilnameshi by VJustin, Commoner

Hey everyone, I just re-read the few two books two months ago in prep for TTT. However, due to a busy schedule I'm just now getting to TTT. I just had a refresher question. What do we know of the Nilnameshi? Are they black-skinned like the Zeumi? Are they Inrithi? If so, do they have followers of Fane under their rule? The Girgash appear to come from a mountain pass in Nilnameshi. Any info you guys can recall would be appreciated. Thanks! view post

Certainty posted 05 May 2006, 04:05 in The Warrior ProphetCertainty by VJustin, Commoner

Now I know the Kellhus's signature sword is named Enshoiyna (Sp?) in the WP, which translates to Certainty. However, what I can't remember is what language the word Enshioyna is (sp, again). I would say Kunuiric, but I seem to remember his followers naming it. Also, I may be mistaken but does anyone else recall the pommel of it being curved? or any other defining features? view post

Ur-Throne and Meorn Empire posted 25 Jun 2006, 23:06 in Author Q & AUr-Throne and Meorn Empire by VJustin, Commoner

Mr Bakker, I am just getting ready to re-read the series again and have been reading the Encyclopedia from TTT in preparation. While reading it a couple random questions came up. I noticed in the history of Kuniuri that after the Scintya Yoke had been overthrown the Ur-Throne in Tryse was seized. This seems to have became the seat of Kunuiri. Was this the throne of the King of the Umerau Empire? Is that the provenance of the UR? Also, after rereading the encyclopedia I was glancing at the language list in tDtCB and noticed that Meoric is not a descendant of the Akkersian language. Why is this? I had thought that Meorn was founded as an Akkersian trading colony. Wouldn't the colonist speaks Akkersian? Or a an evolution of Akkersian? Just a couple of questions that had me wondering. I can't get enough of your rich world-building! Thank you for this wonderful series! view post


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