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How about a movie about Prince of Nothing? posted 25 July 2007 in Author Q & AHow about a movie about Prince of Nothing? by Mindaugus, Commoner

Realistically, it's not possible to make a Prince of Nothing movie that would hold true to the novels- not unless the movies appeared as a trilogy, and each of the three movies were six hours long.

However, the same issues are there in Martin's ASOIAF and it appears that HBO intends to do a Rome-style series of these, perhaps it is not out of the question that PON could end up as a long-running series.

The other problem is this....unless fantasy is 'a household name', i.e, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, or Harry Potters, it's very difficult to see a major studio taking a chance on a fantasy movie. As good as this series is- and as good as Bakker writes, PON is not yet sufficiently 'well-known' for a movie to be a serious consideration from Hollywood- or, at this point, for a HBO series.

I have to say, though...if it did ever happen....I'm already thinking of some of my favorite scenes and how cool they would be (the Andiamine Heights scene at the end of the Darkness that comes before; the Scarlet Schoolmen battling the Cishaurum, Cnaiur in a battle-rage)...and, of course, the close of the third book...what an intense to a movie that would be. view post


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