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posted 22 Jan 2006, 03:01 in The Darkness That Comes Beforesranc by DB_Cooper07, Commoner

In my mind, Sranc are kind of like... werewolves... lycan in the movie "Underworld". Not quite human, not quite nonhuman... a mix... kinda strange and wierd creatures. This would account for thier bloodlust/bloodthirst and thier basic complexion as I see it, plus thier superhuman abilities... fast, quick, deadly. view post

posted 22 Jan 2006, 03:01 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeYour favourite character? by DB_Cooper07, Commoner

Kellhuss. By far. Hes interesting, mysterious, deceptive, honest all in one. hes everything a hero/villian needs. I just made it through page 169 of Warrior Prophet so its hard to say which he is yet... view post

posted 22 Jan 2006, 03:01 in The Darkness That Comes Beforekellhus == good guy?? by DB_Cooper07, Commoner

Redaing what I have, he has his own agenda, for good or for bad.... he fights along with the Inrithi... we are given thier side of things... who can say which side is really good or bad... or even if there is such a thing. Seems to me that forcing your religion upon others isn't necessarily good either. There are a lot of hidden agendas left to be uncovered at the end of the "Darkness". We will just have to see. view post

posted 24 Jan 2006, 04:01 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat book or book series reminds you most of PON by DB_Cooper07, Commoner

I most closely relate it to lord of the Rings... it has that feeling. I really think the writing styles are quite similar also. If you look at Strider/Aragorn v. Kellhus... its almost a shoe in. Some of the city names... Asgilioch v. Osgilioth.... its just has the same feel. The forward to PoN was like a mini-Hobbit to me also... Thats just me though. view post


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