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posted 28 Jan 2006, 16:01 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat book or book series reminds you most of PON by Arwyl, Commoner

I'm still in the middle of the first book, but at some point, I thought that it was similar to Dune too. I don't remember which specific part made me think this way, if it was the religious aspect or something else. Maybe when I do a re-read, I'll try to look out for it. view post

posted 28 Jan 2006, 17:01 in Author Q & AA Prince of Nothing Wiki by Arwyl, Commoner

I sometimes take notes while reading books with vast worlds or a cast of thousands. I'm currently doing a semi-wiki thing with tPoN on [url:19u2u4zx][/url:19u2u4zx]: [url:19u2u4zx][/url:19u2u4zx] Was this what you had in mind? Although probably something more Wikipedia-like? view post

posted 01 May 2006, 12:05 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Meeting between Kellhus & Moenghus? by Arwyl, Commoner

I wonder if the Dunyain have any inkling at all of what has been happening. I don't remember far back, but do they expect Khellus to return after killing Moe? And now that Khellus has killed Moe for being "a Dunyain still", would they send another to kill Khellus? It's possible they would think that given the events, sending someone alone would be too risky and so perhaps ally themselves with the Consult instead. view post


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