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Visit a local hero? posted 16 Nov 2005, 00:11 in Tour and Signing InformationVisit a local hero? by vedes amigo, Commoner

I just found this forum today and i must say it has some quite intertesting debates. My question though is about anything local. I just moved down to Chatham last spring a couple weeks after one of the kids I worked with saw my tDtCB and bragged his teacher at Fanshawe wrote that book and had given him a copy of tWP. This was about a month before tWP was released and I nearly had to kill him before he let me read it. My question is would it be possible to swing by London sometime and meet with you. I would love to have a book or 2 signed and some conversation to maybe convince you I'm worthy of a TTT ARC. Thanks for your time. G view post

posted 29 Apr 2006, 00:04 in Literature DiscussionThe Bonehunters and Steven Erikson by vedes amigo, Commoner

Well I must say the Bonehunters ruled. But I will point out that us true fans bought the hardcover from England back in February. So from a timelime stand point you really only need to read Deadhouse Gates to get a good grasp of events as things pick up with Leoman on his flight from Sha'iks last battle. Though you will not know the full character scheme if you haven't read Midnight Tides. And at this moment I solemnly declare 2006 the year of the barbarion. With TTT and Bonehunters, Cnaiur and Karsa Orlong truly come into their own. The fullness of their characters are finally revealed in Cnaiur's focused hatred and madness ("you act as though you live this life a second time!"), and Karsa's total belief in his dominance ("Witness"). I can't wait to see him square off with Icarium for real. Unfortunaltely in the crossover, we all know that Karsa eventually puts Cnaiur out of his misery with a well placed cuff. But again. Erikson amazes me with his minute attention to detail and his resolving of seemingly innocuous subplots at crucial moments that seem to hinge the whole world for a second. And in closing, Kalam, my buddy. what a sucky cover, but man I can't wait to see what happens after the ice melts. But I will be satisfied watching what Apsalar does until then. Now if I could just get her on a stage near me... ______________ "Loved by many, hated by all" - taken from cover page of "The Histories of Vedes Amigo" view post


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