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posted 17 Sep 2005, 23:09 in The Darkness That Comes Beforejust read the book.... by Niwatam, Commoner

I was browsing through my local librairy looking for an interesting book when I stumbled upon this excellent book. I picked it out of the shelf along with the sequal and read then in succession of each other in roughly 2 weeks. My first read through of the first book was very rough and i had a hard time following the characters due to there complex pronounciations. But i decided to read it a second time before moving onto the second book and finally started to catch on to the names and this greatly increased my understanding of the relationships between the characters. then i moved on to the second book and devoured every word. after completing both of the books i was greatly despaired to find out that the third book was not yet out!! So i left the series and went on to read lesser and mediocre books until a year later i decided to reread the books. and lo and behold the website was on the book. I immediatly pounced on the opportunity to check it out and am quiet relieved to find that TTT is coming out soon! :D The cover really caught my eye too!!! view post

posted 17 Sep 2005, 23:09 in Author Q & APrince of Nothing on TV/Big Screen by Niwatam, Commoner

I think the creation of this book into a movie is darn near impossible. One of the biggest things they would run into is the play on emotions that Kellhus uses and the different emotions thats constantly play havoc from within the characters. Without these factors I think the story would lose alot of its luster character wise. view post

Written Language posted 18 Sep 2005, 00:09 in Author Q & AWritten Language by Niwatam, Commoner

I would greatly be pleased if you could elaboate upon the written language of the three seas or at least the one that is used on the covers of the books and the language that Achamian uses to make his "Map". For instance make a little translation index of somesort. Ex. A=& B=(insert three seas letter here) view post

posted 22 Sep 2005, 15:09 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWhat is the Thousand-Fold Thought? by Niwatam, Commoner

I think the haloed hands is just a way to show that the people around him think him to be divine. view post

posted 23 Sep 2005, 16:09 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by Niwatam, Commoner

Mario Main Theme- Video Game Pianist view post

posted 28 Sep 2005, 18:09 in Off-Topic Discussion*pokes the board with a stick* by Niwatam, Commoner

Sitting in school :( doing homework :( Marching and practicing music :) and barely having time to check PoN :x view post


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