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posted 23 Jul 2005, 00:07 in Author Q & AThis time I got a question... by Regulus, Commoner

Hello all, My first post here...just wanted to say I live in NYC and just had the books delivered about 5 days ago and have just 100 pages left on TWP. I think they are amazing and have been doing nothing but telling everyone who will listen about them. I dont think I could really add much in the way of how to make your book big in the US but I thought I could tell you how I came across them. I was in Barnes and Nobles and [i:1g7i65r6]The Darkness that Comes Before[/i:1g7i65r6] was on the side display of the aisle, I picked it up, read the description and thought I would like it. I didnt buy any books that day but I did add it to my Amazon wish list a few days later so I wouldnt forget. Now 3 months later I had them delivered and I am extremely happy I did order them (special 2 book price on Amazon). Best money I've spent on books in a long time. view post

posted 23 Jul 2005, 05:07 in Philosophy DiscussionThe problem of evil by Regulus, Commoner

I'm new around here and just wanted to apologize up front for bringing back threads from the dead but this one I've just got to put my two cents into. I was raised as a Catholic by my parents with Catholic school classes twice a week until I was about 10 or 11 years old. Even as a child the Christian ways never made any sense to me, including the problem of Good vs. Evil. Before I try to make my own point I just want to note that I agree with all those who have said that "Good", "Evil" and "Perfection" are all relative. Which to me lies at the very heart of the problem of defining the roles of all powerful "Good" Gods and "Evil" Gods. If 'good' and 'evil' are not definitive how can one have a "God" who lies at the root of them. A "God" or "Devil" are supposed to be all powerful beings that are static in their beliefs/causes but how can they be if their beliefs/causes arent static? Following that line of theory then there cannot be any "Gods" or "Devils" and so what is 'good' and 'evil'? If 'good' and 'evil' are not static but defined by ones point of view then to me they are nothing but the product of the human race's attempt to classify or categorize everything. view post

posted 27 Jul 2005, 17:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Regulus, Commoner

Just Finished: [i:hmwj6ir1]The Warrior-Prophet[/i:hmwj6ir1] by Mr. Bakker Next Up: not sure How are the Gene Wolfe Books? [b:hmwj6ir1]Recently Read Good Books:[/b:hmwj6ir1] [i:hmwj6ir1]The Darkness That Comes Before[/i:hmwj6ir1] by Mr. Bakker [i:hmwj6ir1]47 Ronin[/i:hmwj6ir1] by Allyn (True Story) [i:hmwj6ir1]Gates of Fire[/i:hmwj6ir1] by Pressfield (Historical Fiction) [i:hmwj6ir1]Coldfire Trilogy[/i:hmwj6ir1] by Friedman [b:hmwj6ir1]All Time Favorites:[/b:hmwj6ir1] [i:hmwj6ir1]LOTR Series[/i:hmwj6ir1] by Tolkien [i:hmwj6ir1]Malloreon Series[/i:hmwj6ir1] by Eddings [i:hmwj6ir1]Belgariad Series[/i:hmwj6ir1] by Eddings [i:hmwj6ir1]Battlefield Earth[/i:hmwj6ir1] by Hubbard view post

posted 28 Jul 2005, 00:07 in Literature DiscussionGates of Fire by Regulus, Commoner

Very enjoyable and well written. The great thing about historical fiction is that it leaves you with the idea that, 'hey this could have happened'. There is a series by Jack Whyte called [i:2dgsoizh]Camulod Chronicles[/i:2dgsoizh] that gives a historical fiction account of King Arthur which is pretty good also. view post

Coldfire Trilogy posted 28 Jul 2005, 01:07 in Literature DiscussionColdfire Trilogy by Regulus, Commoner

Just wondering if anybody out there has read these, I really enjoyed them. [b:19m00810]Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedmen[/b:19m00810] [i:19m00810]Black Sun Rising [/i:19m00810] [i:19m00810]When True Night Falls[/i:19m00810] [i:19m00810]Crown of Shadows[/i:19m00810] view post

posted 28 Jul 2005, 15:07 in Literature DiscussionColdfire Trilogy by Regulus, Commoner

I thought the 'fae' and its interaction with the environment was quite different from anything I had read before. Its been about a year since I read them so I cant recall any instances which I thought the world was made to fit their needs. I picked the series up because a friend suggested it to me when we were discussing how most 'good' vs 'evil' books always end with a victory for 'good'. He told me that Coldfire's ending was something different and after reading it I agree. I would definitely recommend reading the last book. Tarrant and Kellhus are in a league of their own. view post

posted 28 Jul 2005, 23:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionSex by Regulus, Commoner

yet another male here view post

posted 30 Aug 2005, 16:08 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat kind of flame warrior are you? by Regulus, Commoner

I would have to say Kung Fu Master also because I dont get into arguments except on a rare occasion and when I do they end very quickly. Its a funny/ educational site, I think I'll definitely be passing it along to friends view post


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