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The Nonmen posted 21 Jul 2005, 05:07 in Author Q & AThe Nonmen by Lord Sarku, Commoner

I apologize if this question has been asked before, and also if it seems an obvious one... I seem to have missed any description of the Nonmen. Whenever I think of them, I instantly envision some kind of furry Chewbacca Wolfman bronze-age warrior dude, but that just [i:2434bjpz]can't[/i:2434bjpz] be right... Do they look like Sranc, or Inchoroi? Or do they just look like humans? And was anybody else [b:2434bjpz]unbelievably creeped out[/b:2434bjpz] by the ending of "The Warrior-Prophet"? view post

posted 21 Jul 2005, 05:07 in Author Q & AThe Daimos by Lord Sarku, Commoner

So the Ciphrang is [i:17b14ae6]not[/i:17b14ae6] specifically a damned soul? I thought it a touch odd if it was; that would seem to suggest that either the Inrithi or the Fanim were more correct than the other, which seems to diverge from some other things which are suggested (i.e., that the Inrithi have bigger things to worry about that fighting Fanim). view post


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