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swazond Commoner | joined 09 June 2005 | 6 posts

consult v. cishaurim posted 12 June 2005 in The Warrior Prophetconsult v. cishaurim by swazond, Commoner

I'm in the middle of reading the WP and just discovered the Consult's true aim. Why the cishaurim? view post

Anasurimbor Maithanet? posted 01 April 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAnasurimbor Maithanet? by swazond, Commoner

Kellhus is the harbinger, simply by telling a Mandate Schoolman his name. If Moengus had, at some point, encountered someone who knew the prophecy, he would have been the harbinger. Who is he announcing the Apocalypse to? Only the Mandate because they are the only ones who have the dreams.

/ view post

Poll: What would you be in prince of nothing? posted 10 April 2006 in Off-Topic DiscussionPoll: What would you be in prince of nothing? by swazond, Commoner

A schoolman who practiced the Gnosis, but I would want to avoid the dreams. A non-man sorceror, I guess. view post

Robert Jordan diagnosed with Amyloidosis posted 10 April 2006 in Literature DiscussionRobert Jordan diagnosed with Amyloidosis by swazond, Commoner

definitely wish RJ a speedy recovery. WoT is one of my favorites. Every time a new book comes out, I re-read the entire series. I tried telling the story to someone once. Took at least 5 hours! It needs to end!! view post

Dont be ashamed (Harry Potter) posted 10 April 2006 in Literature DiscussionDont be ashamed (Harry Potter) by swazond, Commoner

Like Harry Potter. First series i ever read, though, was Xanth. stopped reading it after about ten volumes, apparently it is never-ending. Ready for Harry to kick some ass. view post

Favorite books/series posted 10 April 2006 in Literature DiscussionFavorite books/series by swazond, Commoner

Jordan, Tolkien, Bakker, Rawn, Terry Brooks. view post


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