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posted 14 Feb 2007, 00:02 in Author Q & Athe Thousandfold thought. by RazorSmile, Candidate

Hi! New member, first post. Just finished [i:31vvu8xn]Thousandfold Thought[/i:31vvu8xn] last night. From the encounter between Moenghus and Kellhus, it seemed to me like the Thousandfold Thought is a socio-cultural equation that, when solved/expressed in the real world, creates the closest thing to a hivemind you can have without telepathy. It includes and devours religions, philosophies, cultures and everything else that societies create within themselves and permits one person (presumably Dunyain and male) to control an entire planetary population. view post

posted 14 Feb 2007, 01:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtHeresiarch of the Cishaurim by RazorSmile, Candidate

[quote:2xph9c81]To continue the biblical parallel, in 20 years time Kellhus would have probably sired more bastards than Methuselah. Anyway, Moenghus is almost certainly not Kellhus' natural son, but Cnaiur's. All Kellhus future offspring (and Moenghus), however many they are, will probably be extensions of Kellhus' will - Kellhus is still the seeing man in the kingdom of the blind.[/quote:2xph9c81] I don't know if this counts as thread necromancy (after all, the trilogy won't be continuing for a while) but you might have gotten some names mixed up there. I'm pretty sure Moenghus isn't Cnaiur's son - or Kellhus' for that matter. view post

posted 14 Feb 2007, 02:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Amoral Khellus by RazorSmile, Candidate

Near as I can tell, Kellhus is a black hole englobed in TV screens - everything and everyone eventually falls toward his false image. He's like the Blight from [i:3eivmxrr]Fire Upon The Deep[/i:3eivmxrr] - an all-consuming domination machine that turns entire populations into the fractal fingers of one overWhelming hand. All he's done by apprehending the Gnosis and learning of Souls and the Outside is expand his worldview. Will he become more "moral" - as in, become a "good" person - by our standards? Unlikely in the extreme. view post

posted 14 Feb 2007, 02:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtHeresiarch of the Cishaurim by RazorSmile, Candidate

Oh. [i:3po5vnu5]That[/i:3po5vnu5] Moenghus. Jeez :oops: [size=75:3po5vnu5]What a disgraceful start to my membership ...[/size:3po5vnu5] Yeah, I was referring to the adult (and presumably very very dead) one. My bad. view post

posted 14 Feb 2007, 03:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Meeting between Kellhus & Moenghus? by RazorSmile, Candidate

Reading this thread, a theory occurs: 1) We know the Thousandfold Thought is some kind of unifying supermeme that can supercede all the cultural differences and religons to make all humans act as one nation - most likely under Kellhus, the Aspect-Emperor. 2) We also know what Kellhus told Akka, about how our souls are all nodes in the body/mind of the God, all souled beings are part of the God and the God is made of them. And vice versa. 3) Ergo, his ultimate plan is to put these two facts together. By causing all men - and all [i:2b2s5dg6]Souls[/i:2b2s5dg6] - to act in perfect synch, he hopes to create/assemble the God, perhaps under his command, perhaps to merge with him directly and thus be able to fight the No-God. No Heron Spear required. This holds together whether he's lying to Akka or whether his beliefs are wrong. Thoughts? view post

Chorae, Consults and Salts. (Or "A Boy and His Bird) posted 14 Feb 2007, 03:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtChorae, Consults and Salts. (Or "A Boy and His Bird) by RazorSmile, Candidate

In the final pages of [i:2vp80l1f]TTT[/i:2vp80l1f], there's a seemingly throwaway scene where a street urchin runs into a Choraed Schoolman (be he Scarlet or Cishaurim I doubt is relevant). Being an opportunisitic little so and so, he scrapes some of the salt off "that oughta go for a few bucks on the street, eh?" and makes to leave, only to be interrupted by a Consult entity. I find it hard to believe that this was irrelevant, which raises all kinds of questions: a) Is the salt from Chorae-dead Sorcerers useful for more than just culinary purposes? b) Why [b:2vp80l1f][i:2vp80l1f]do[/i:2vp80l1f] [/b:2vp80l1f] the Choarae turn Sorcerers to salt anyway? Do they suck in their Souls? Destory them? Kick them back to the afterlife? Are all the Chorae connected together by an invisible magic web? c) Who is the boy? Is he the one whose friend got kidnapped by a slaver during Maithanet's procession? If so, does this mean he's going to be a major character in Aspect-Emperor? d) What does the Bird want with him? Again, is he special or did it just need a target to sharpen its claws on? Is it going to possess him like the Inchoroi being did Esmanet and use him long-term? Etc. etc. view post

posted 14 Feb 2007, 13:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtChorae, Consults and Salts. (Or "A Boy and His Bird) by RazorSmile, Candidate

In the Bible, Lot's wife was turned to salt because she looked back at the destruction of her city after being specifically told by God not to. Given the Inri/Jesus obviousness, that can't be a coincidence. [quote:fqyg9joi]not enough info[/quote:fqyg9joi] Awww, but that's no fun :twisted: we must not just speculate, but do so [i:fqyg9joi]rampantly[/i:fqyg9joi]! The need exists. view post

posted 14 Feb 2007, 15:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSeswatha's dreams. by RazorSmile, Candidate

The problem here is the same as in some of the science fiction I've read. Does a human mind copied into a computer have a soul or is it a soulless yet [i:2ieeedtd][b:2ieeedtd]functionally[/b:2ieeedtd] identical[/i:2ieeedtd] duplicate? Since this is a cosmology where Souls are literally real, that tends to complicate matters. In Seswatha's case, he be dead. But the Seswatha-[i:2ieeedtd]meme[/i:2ieeedtd], his memories and knowledge remains locked in the subconscious of all Grasped Mandate Schoolmen (actually, that's an interesting parallel to the Dunyain mastery of the mundane and ignorance of the arcane ...) [quote="Curethan":2ieeedtd]Re the 'Achamian becoming Seswatha' theory, I believe that perhaps Akka may be creating a personality within himself as 'Seswatha' becauss he feels that he is so poorly equipped to deal with his own situation - a form of personality fragmentation that can occur in severly traumatised people. In no way did I gain any sense of Seswatha's personality in the books - he was merely a historical character for me with no motivation beyond his struggle against the consult. struggle with the consult.[/quote:2ieeedtd] I have to disagree with this. His escape from the Scarlet Spires almost explicitly shows Seswatha (or rather, Seswatha-meme or Seswatha-within) taking control of his body and kicking tail. Then there's the part where Xinemus is being tortured in front of him and Seswatha-within is all "[i:2ieeedtd]I know him not[/i:2ieeedtd]." The final proof of that is that Kellhus was able to use mundane hypnosis to bypass Akka and speak to Seswatha-within. Since this is just a Seswatha memory-construct (sort of like a non-sentient AI), it was even more amenable to Kellhus' desires. Basically, it can control Akka's responses to certain demands (case in point) but cannot defend itself against same. Seswatha-within is an inutteral buttressing the Akka-utteral, but unable to stand on its own 8) Because Akka's is being stripped down to his most badass elements, his psyche has made room for Seswatha's personality and knowledge to slowly start bleeding into Akka-without. That the Seswatha construct is not conscious doesn't change that; it can simply run itself on the Akka platform. Seswatha is dead. Long live Seswatha. view post

posted 14 Feb 2007, 19:02 in Literature DiscussionBlindsight by RazorSmile, Candidate

Aye. [i:zldv88a3]Blindsight[/i:zldv88a3] was/is more than just a book to me. It was a personality-changing experience. ------------------- In other news, Peter Watts also wrote the Rifters Trilogy: [i:zldv88a3]Starfish[/i:zldv88a3], [i:zldv88a3]Maelstrom[/i:zldv88a3] and [i:zldv88a3]Behemoth[/i:zldv88a3]s β-Max and Seppuku (so it's really more like a tetralogyanyway!). Collectively, they're easily just as good. Same attitude, slightly nearer future, almost as nihilistic, relentlessly interesting. I highly recommend ... just about everything he's written. view post

posted 14 Feb 2007, 19:02 in Off-Topic DiscussionScott Bakker ruined it for me. by RazorSmile, Candidate

[quote="avatar_of_existence":3m6niu29]as far as Fantasy writing goes, Bakker has truly been the end for me. If anyone can suggest a Fantasy author with similar talent I hope to devour his books as well.[/quote:3m6niu29] Try Elizabeth Bear. Her Promethean Age series, so far consisting of [i:3m6niu29]Blood & Iron[/i:3m6niu29] (2006) and [i:3m6niu29]Whiskey & Water[/i:3m6niu29] (2007) is completely different from Bakker's stuff but I can't honestly say he's better. I can pretty much guarantee the charaters are like nothing you've ever seen. What's it about? Basically, a shadow war between Faerie, the land of elves and bad magic and an order of mortal mages called the Prometheans. Blood, pain and [i:3m6niu29]cost[/i:3m6niu29]; no one is safe. Complications include Hell (and Lucifer) as a semi-neutral Third Side and the Dragon, an awesomely powerful hyper-anagogic being who owes allegiance to no one (quite the reverse, come to think of it.) And if you ever wanted to see an incredibly weird magic system, check the Promethean brand shown in [i:3m6niu29]B & I[/i:3m6niu29]. view post

posted 15 Feb 2007, 00:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtChorae, Consults and Salts. (Or "A Boy and His Bird) by RazorSmile, Candidate

[quote="Harrol":2lqg7g3b]True Razor we do need that. So post away I look forward to reading it.[/quote:2lqg7g3b] Alright, just remember you asked for it :twisted: [i:2lqg7g3b]*rubs hands together*[/i:2lqg7g3b] Okay. Why did Lot's wife turn to salt? She disobeyed the instructions of the God - she went [i:2lqg7g3b]against[/i:2lqg7g3b] the God and was punished accordingly. So. The Chorae. They were forged by lost Nonmen-level Gnosis, yes? We don't know how, just that they were. I'm willing to bet they're indestructible and rust-proof. They kill Sorcerers by turning them to salt. Interestingly, the more powerful the Sorcerer, the more vulnerable to Chorae. Okay. So let's look at Sorcery. Sorcery, apparently, is the use of Word and Will to forcibly reshape reality - speaking what the God speaks and feeling what the God feels, just for a moment, just long enough to do something spectacular. Limitations of intellect (and vocal cords - hmm, [i:2lqg7g3b]that[/i:2lqg7g3b] gives me an idea* ...) mean that destruction, defense, Communication and Compulsion are pretty much the easiest (and, until Kellhus, only) things you can do with it. My working theory is that Kellhus, as with many other things, is right about The God being the collective Souls of every Souled being on Earwa. The Few are people whose Souls are somewhat more ... connected to the fabric of reality than others. Chorae however have no effect on them until they become Marked. So the Chorae are antithetical to Sorcery itself, not to the Few. If this is the case, then [i:2lqg7g3b]what happens to the Souls of Chorae-slain Sorcerers[/i:2lqg7g3b]? 1a) They are sucked into the Chorae and held there individually. Each Chorae contains every Soul of every Sorcerer it has ever killed. 1b) They are sucked into the Chorae - which are, unbeknownst to us all, networked together and collectively storing the Sorcerous Souls in the same space. 2) The Chorae are really gateways to the Outside. 3) Their Souls are forced into material proximity with their flesh. Flesh cannot withstand the gaze of Soul so it is turned to salt. Chorae-slain Sorcerers are not dead, but trapped within their salty carcass. 4) Sorcerers are evil (or at least, abominable to the God) and the Chorae are the representation of the God's displeasure. 5) Nothing. They go whereever dead folks go. That's all I've got so far. *[size=75:2lqg7g3b]if the Consult has figured out they can - even accidentally - make skin-spies with Souls i.e. skin-spies what can use Sorcery, what's to stop them giving all their skin-spies upgraded vocal cords? They might only be able to make single inutterals, but they could do multiiple [b:2lqg7g3b][i:2lqg7g3b]utterals[/i:2lqg7g3b][/b:2lqg7g3b] :idea: :lol: Put that together with their superior speed and that oughta be enough to give even Kellhus a serious run for his money in the spellslinging department.[/size:2lqg7g3b] view post

posted 15 Feb 2007, 22:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtChorae, Consults and Salts. (Or "A Boy and His Bird) by RazorSmile, Candidate

Argh, the Aporos of course! Well, that shuts down about half of my thinkwank session rather handily. The questions that still remain are a) whether the salt is special or just your standard issue NaCl AND b) whether the victims are Outside, dead, bound to the salt or locked in the Chorae. view post

posted 21 Feb 2007, 15:02 in Literature DiscussionOk so I feel like ive read every good author in existence. by RazorSmile, Candidate

[quote="Curethan":2pilsm8p]Yeh, Altered Carbon was great. The 2 sequels were quite good also - I've heard its been optioned as a movie too :D[/quote:2pilsm8p] Boy, that would be tough to film, wouldn't it? What with all the resleeving and all. You'd need to find actors who can duplicate each others mannerisms to a freakishly telepathic degree. view post

posted 20 Mar 2007, 19:03 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]The Aspect-Emperor by RazorSmile, Candidate

[quote="U-Boat":wgj3qr5i]I hope it actually isn't like a total parallel of the 1st apocolayse. I'm actually hoping here that Kellhus turns evil, simply because I hate him, and then Achamian gets to save the world, and gets together with Esmenet again. Long live happy endings! :lol:[/quote:wgj3qr5i] Dude, Kellhus is already evil. He was evil from his very first appearance in [i:wgj3qr5i]Prince of Nothing[/i:wgj3qr5i]. ------------- *reads the new synopsis* Ahhhh, new material. Yeessssssss ... Ok. "The Orthodox," I'm guessing is the remnant of the Anagogics led by Iyokus, perhaps together with the remnants of fundamentalist Inrithi who have yet to fall for Kellhus' charms. Where's Maithenet while all this is going down? "murderous children" huh? Hee! There is no part of the bit about Achamian that I do not like [img:wgj3qr5i][/img:wgj3qr5i] view post

posted 27 Apr 2007, 03:04 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Breaker of Horses and Men by RazorSmile, Candidate

Can't argue with that. Here's hoping he appears in the next book - somehow. Perhaps kept in his prime by Inchoroi science or as a hivemind of Cnair-skinspies. view post

posted 10 May 2007, 00:05 in Author Q & ATruth and Context by RazorSmile, Candidate

Found what, exactly? view post

posted 10 May 2007, 03:05 in The Thousandfold Thoughtart work by RazorSmile, Candidate

Definitely some kind of Inchoroi/Consult thing. Very striking nonetheless. Or is it some kind of symbolic expression of a character's inner self? :D view post

posted 12 Mar 2008, 04:03 in Author Q & AWhy did the Dunyain learn how to fight? by RazorSmile, Candidate

I always thought it was just a convenient side effect of the superintelligence and the body control and the tendency toward domination. view post

Re: Can I wait to read it? posted 10 Jun 2008, 03:06 in NeuropathCan I wait to read it? by RazorSmile, Candidate

Then [url=]this[/url:2ko4urpf] probably didn't help :twisted: [img:2ko4urpf][/img:2ko4urpf] view post

Re: *Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 02 Mar 2009, 06:03 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by RazorSmile, Candidate

[quote="anor277":2r3iblsm]Just on the topic of the scalpers. I wonder how much of the idea stems from Wild West tales of Indian scalp hunters (those who hunted native Indians to collect a bounty paid by the US or Mexican govts; those who collected Apache scalps must have been brutal men indeed)? Is there an echo of Cormac McCarthy's [i:2r3iblsm]Blood Meridian[/i:2r3iblsm] in the Scalpoi. We know that Scott was definitely impressed by McCarthy's novels.[/quote:2r3iblsm] I [i:2r3iblsm]knew[/i:2r3iblsm] the Scalpoi reminded me of something! So, if Cleric is Judge Holden and Ironsoul is Glanton, does that make Akka The Kid? :D Alternatively, if Cleric is everything Gandalf should have been and Ironsoul is an infinitely-scarier Aragorn, does that make Mimara an inverted Frodo (given that she finds – and seemingly [i:2r3iblsm]makes[/i:2r3iblsm] - the One Ring after they've already passed through Moria and Mount Doom?) Again :D Then again, maybe Cleric is really Kellhus bilocated/translocated keeping an eye on the Akka Investment and the whole expedition is part of his [i:2r3iblsm]real[/i:2r3iblsm] plan. ... Yeah, I don't buy that either. Say, did anyone else notice the quick mention of Iyokus? I take that to mean the Scarlet Spires still exist in some form. Lastly, did anyone else think Sarl might be a skin-spy? Consider: one thing all skin-spies have in common is their misplaced affect. Inappropriate facial expressions and emotional states are classic skin-spy pathology. Sarl does it, the one Kellhus destroys in camp does it, even the one that Cnaiur fought way back when did it. Evidence! view post

Re: *Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 02 Mar 2009, 15:03 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by RazorSmile, Candidate

[quote="Curethan":vibr0cjl][quote="RazorSmile":vibr0cjl] Say, did anyone else notice the quick mention of Iyokus? I take that to mean the Scarlet Spires still exist in some form. [/quote:vibr0cjl] No, and I was looking for that kind of thing. Could you perhaps direct me to roughly where that was?[/quote:vibr0cjl] I don't have my copy on me (at work, you see) but it was one of the Sorweel chapters. Iyokus isn't mentioned by name but a blind pale translucent skinned sorcerer is mentioned. view post

Re: *Spoilers* The gods must be crazy posted 02 Mar 2009, 15:03 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* The gods must be crazy by RazorSmile, Candidate

Yep and worse, she's a hypocrite. I love how she rationalizes stealing a young man's youth by arguing that she was in fact [i:ttwboltj]giving[/i:ttwboltj] him age and experience. I call bulls***. view post

Re: *Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 03 Mar 2009, 15:03 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by RazorSmile, Candidate

[quote:vo4sjrp5]But can the Non-man dance?[/quote:vo4sjrp5] What, the hoedown with the Sranc hordes and Bashrags didn't count? :D view post

Re: *Spoilers* The gods must be crazy posted 03 Mar 2009, 15:03 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* The gods must be crazy by RazorSmile, Candidate

[quote="Will":zbgtkefi]Odd, I find Psatma's actions extremely easy to relate to. Her boss gives her marching orders, she gets it done. I know plenty of Marines that are the same way. If you have any kind of job (and, since you've bought a book and an internet connection you presumably do) you have a similar relationship with someone. Note that there's nothing religious about obeying an observed deity. The fundamental difference between faith and knowledge is observation. I know that my diet coke exists because I see it sitting here in front of me. I believe that pluto exists because I read on the internet that someone saw it through a telescope, or observed its effects on other planet's rotations and worked out the math.[/quote:zbgtkefi] Never thought of that. Presents interesting parallels with Kellhus' worshippers too. After all, [i:zbgtkefi]their[/i:zbgtkefi] god is right there too, visible, touchable and real. [quote:zbgtkefi]Psatma's knows Yatwer exists because she's met her. There's nothing religious about that. She obeys her deity as any rational being would.[/quote:zbgtkefi] Idunno. If anything, actually meeting one's god seems to have made her even more fanatical. Again, same with the warriors and kings of the Great Ordeal. [quote:zbgtkefi]Further, there's nothing hypocritical about it. I find the age transfer creepy, but I don't get even the slightest sense that Psatma was lying to herself about her reasons for it. We are reading her thoughts, there's no deeper level on which she could be deceiving us. She thinks that maturing White-Luck is strengthening him.[/quote:zbgtkefi] She's not deceiving us, she's deceiving herself. view post


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