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The Series That Comes After? posted 18 March 2004 in Author Q & AThe Series That Comes After? by Arakasi, Commoner

Yeah I was curious about that as well. I've sort of got used to the idea that an author tends to stay in one world. It seems all the major fantasy writers are doing it these days. Like Erikson, Martin, Jordan, etc. It's funny to hear the first book (and series) referred to as the hobbit though. *lol* But that is cool since I'll be able to read more from this interesting world. view post

Few Questions posted 18 March 2004 in Author Q & AFew Questions by Arakasi, Commoner

I just have a couple questions on the books here. I enjoyed the first one a lot and will likely do a reread before the second book comes in. Anyways to my questions.

1. I read that you're going to do three triologies set in the same world. But at the same time you're going to have each wrap up. Does this mean mostly wrap up, because if you do a complete wrap up like most authors do, wouldn't it be hard to start again in the same world in only 20 years?

2. Are you going to explore more of the world? Or is the continent we see on the map the only one. Or will you go over the seas so to speak. view post


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