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Re: The Curse of the Judging Eye (SPOILERS!!!!) posted 02 Apr 2009, 21:04 in The Judging EyeThe Curse of the Judging Eye (SPOILERS!!!!) by Nonman or Astro Man?, Commoner

I don't know if this has been covered before, I'm new to the forums, but I am wondering about Mandate sorcerers damnation, in that whose damnation is Mimara seeing, Akka's(or any other Mandate sorcerer) or Seswatha's? I find it interesting that all sorcerers are damned, but that places (Slave Pits) and whole peoples like the Nonmen of Cil-Aujas can seen with the Judging Eye as damned as well. Also, is Mimara seeing Akka's sorcerous damnation, or damnation for something else entirely? Thanks in advance. view post


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