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Re: The problem of evil posted 08 Aug 2008, 19:08 in Philosophy DiscussionThe problem of evil by Chirios, Candidate

The problem isn't that we ask "how can God allow evil?". The problem is that we think that evil exists in the first place. Let me explain... Good and Evil are always described as being two sides of the same coin, i.e, one cannot exist without the other, this is true, but not in the way that people often mean it. People look at the world and see opposites, light and dark, red and blue, tall and short, and think that this must also apply to metaphysical concepts like Good and Evil, forgetting that Good and Evil [i:1bc1xsl2]do not exist outside of their relative positions to one another[/i:1bc1xsl2]. Good and Evil, as concepts, are too fluid. They have no exact definition, bar that of: "Good is whatever Evil isn't" and visa versa. Thus, the paradox of Good and Evil is that you can define the other, by mentioning its opposite, and in doing so, justify (or villify) any act that would not normally be justifiable (or villifiable). In the immortal words of Kevin Smith: [quote:1bc1xsl2][i:1bc1xsl2]Evil[/i:1bc1xsl2] is an [b:1bc1xsl2]ABSTRACT!!!!!![/b:1bc1xsl2][/quote:1bc1xsl2] - Azrael [i:1bc1xsl2]Dogma[/i:1bc1xsl2] In an effort to overcome the paradox of Good and Evil humanity has decided to define these two abstracts as the sum of their parts. Good is whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is kind, whatever heals, whatever is nice. Evil is whatever is dark, whatever is cruel, whatever harms, etc. But this approach has its own problems, since situations rarely allow a human being to encompasse more than one of those parts at any time. Psychologists often heal, but sometimes they force people to confront things they would rather not by dominating them, an act that some see as cruel. Soldiers kill, something which by the "sum of its parts" approach is deemed Evil, yet by killing, do they not save the lives of friends and family? And as for honour, well, it too is only defined by its opposite, dishonour, and so falls under the paradox. Thus, we get back to the question. Why does God allow Evil to exist? The answer is: He doesn't. Good and Evil are abstract notions, defined only by their relative positions to one another, and thus, they do not exist. Woah, I just had an awesome thought. Mr Bakker, you were wrong. What separates Man from beast isn't that he prays, its that he [i:1bc1xsl2]defines[/i:1bc1xsl2]. view post

If the Gnosis existed... posted 08 Aug 2008, 19:08 in Off-Topic DiscussionIf the Gnosis existed... by Chirios, Candidate

Not sure if this belongs in Off-Topic but... If the Gnosis was real, and all the power that came with it could be achieved, how many people would actually do it? Not forgetting that absolute power... well, you know the rest. Oh yeah, and you wouldn't have to go through the Setwasa dream shit, you'd gain all the badassery with no side effects. Well, you'd be "tainted" whatever that means, chorae (which exist in this fictional earth) would be able to kill you with a touch, there'd be a good few wars and stuff, and there's the possibility that you'd be damned for all eternity. But you'd be Khellus level in Gnosis awesomeness. view post

Why was Khellus.... posted 08 Aug 2008, 19:08 in Author Q & AWhy was Khellus.... by Chirios, Candidate

Able to b*tch-slap the Nonman so thoroughly? I get that he's supposed to have these reflexes and whatever, but the Nonmen evolved on a completely different line than humans; shouldn't they be able to do some stuff that humans can't? So, shouldn't the Nonman have had some skill that Khellus (who had never before encountered another sentient species) couldn't defend against? And, since the Nonmen have been practicing magic for millions of years, why has their craft not evolved over time? Instead of throwing Khellus into a tree, why didn't the Nonman just rip him to pieces? And there's the fact that this Nonman has been fighting for years, and so should be seriously deadly with his sword, super-reflexes or not. view post

Re: Is Kellhus really a prophet? posted 08 Aug 2008, 19:08 in The Thousandfold ThoughtIs Kellhus really a prophet? by Chirios, Candidate

[quote:ab50fb2w]is Khellus really a prophet[/quote:ab50fb2w] No. view post

Re: Kelhus vs ... posted 08 Aug 2008, 19:08 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKelhus vs ... by Chirios, Candidate

Khellus V Satan Satan wins. Khellus doesn't get a chance to psychoanalyse him as Satan uses his Hell powers to blast him into oblivion. Khellus V God God wins. Khellus tries to psychoanalyse him, God responds with an even better psychoanalysis, pointing out the fact that Khellus is as blind and as much a slave to the Darkness that Comes Before as the people he manipulates. Khellus ends up crying like a baby when he realises that he does in fact love Esmi and is simply repeating the dumb nonsense that the priests beat into him. He slowly understands that he is not as intelligent as he thinks he is, because he has bended the Dunyain beliefs to fit what he has found, and by Dunyain logic, if a belief can be changed or bent, then it must be a matter of where you stand, you stand there because you repeat what comes before, and if you repeat what comes before, you are a slave to the Darkness. God wins, but not before giving Khellus the finger. ...Actually, considering Ray Wise's version of the Devil on Reaper, the above might count for Satan as well. Khellus V Jesus Jesus wins. He does so by touching Khellus on the forehead, and making Khellus understand what it feels like to be truly and utterly happy. Honestly, superpowers aside, I fail to see why people think Khellus is so awesome. How is being a psychopath an admirable trait? Now for a good un... Khellus V Karsa Orlong? view post

Re: Ok so I feel like ive read every good author in existence. posted 08 Aug 2008, 19:08 in Literature DiscussionOk so I feel like ive read every good author in existence. by Chirios, Candidate

Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch view post

Re: posted 08 Aug 2008, 20:08 in Literature Discussionabercrombie by Chirios, Candidate

[quote="anor277":27acfcju]Just wanted to reopen this thread because the last novel in the trilogy, [i:27acfcju]Last Argument of Kings[/i:27acfcju] (this was apparently engraved on Louis' XIV cannons), has been available for a couple of months. I would like to canvas opinions. I liked the series generally, but was less than impressed by the final instalment. Without making too many spoilers, I thought that the identity of the "evil genius" behind the Union was all too predictable, and this individual was all too vulnerable to have exerted the control that he did (Glotka or the King or Ferro or Tolomei could and should have turned him off at the first opportunity). Still a very good series, readable, concise, and (happily!) its publication was not spread over ten years.[/quote:27acfcju] I disagree. Ferro was obsessed with her own vengeance, Glokta was a pawn the whole time, being pushed around by two uncaring masters, only managing to get the better on the second because the first gave him the opportunity, Tolomei was a slave and as such rarely made her own decisions; and the King was suffering from old age and could barely remember where he was half the time. view post

Re: The problem of evil posted 18 Aug 2008, 21:08 in Philosophy DiscussionThe problem of evil by Chirios, Candidate

[quote="Cironian":17kv3lt1]Indeed, but why are these inventions unnecessary as of the present? What is so different about the minds of men now that makes redundant the machinations of good and evil? I believe that the majority of humanity is now and has always had a need to name and categorize things into the opposites of good and evil. However, I believe there have always been a relative few who have not taken up this concept, accepting the effects and others in the world as simply what IS, and not as "good" or "evil". [/quote:17kv3lt1] Because good and evil can only be defined by one another. Because any act can be deemed good if you sufficiently twist the meaning of what is evil. This is how actions that harm or damage countries, civilisations, entire peoples, come about. So, if we want to stop this, we must d away with the concept of good and evil, we must think in terms of what "is" not as "good" or "evil". view post

Re: A meaningful life... posted 18 Aug 2008, 21:08 in Philosophy DiscussionA meaningful life... by Chirios, Candidate

A meaningful life is one that in some way, solves a problem. view post

The Curse of the Judging Eye (SPOILERS!!!!) posted 24 Jan 2009, 15:01 in The Judging EyeThe Curse of the Judging Eye (SPOILERS!!!!) by Chirios, Candidate

Okay, so, in PON; it was pretty much established that beliefs command peoples actions. People believe baseless things and Khellus manipulates these beliefs for the purpose of domination. But then comes the Judging Eye. The Judging Eye apparently proves that ALL of these beliefs are true; men ARE intrinsically better than women; sorcerers ARE damned. So, apparently, in the universe of PON, regardless of who you are, if you practice magic, you're evil. This is fact. So, the question is asked: Are men therefore intrinsically better than women in the PON universe? view post

Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 24 Jan 2009, 19:01 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Favourite new character. by Chirios, Candidate

Gotta go with my main man Cleric. Now, the inevitable question. Cleric vs Khellus? view post

Re: *Spoilers* The gods must be crazy posted 24 Jan 2009, 19:01 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* The gods must be crazy by Chirios, Candidate

I'm not sure if Minara can actually see the damnation though. I think it would be more accurate to say that she see's the warp; that she can feel the fact that sorcery is [i:11e2elmo]unnatural[/i:11e2elmo]. Scott has taken great lengths to show that moral absolutism is inherently stupid, so why would he create a system that proves that moral absolutivism is right? And what the hell is wth all that stuff about "Good Men shine brighter than good women"? view post

Re: posted 24 Jan 2009, 19:01 in The Judging EyeMaithanet by Chirios, Candidate

[quote="Incu-Pacifico":dznb9mwz]I've wondered about this too. Though his father claimed that he didn't have the complete abilities of a full-blooded Dunyain, Maithanet was still *extremely* formidable. For example, the way he handled that skin spy (or even the fact that he noticed him for what he was) seems to be beyond the ability of "regular" people. That's why I tend to brush aside speculation that Serwe's son would match the physical capabilities of Esmi's. [/quote:dznb9mwz] Actually, he may well do. Cnauir was capable of fighting Khellus one-to-one, and nearly beat him. view post

Re: The Judging Eye posted 24 Jan 2009, 19:01 in The Judging EyeThe Judging Eye by Chirios, Candidate

Good book, but some worrying implications. Women are inherently worse than men? Akka is deffo damned regardless of whether he is a good person? Khellus may actually be a prophet? view post

Re: *Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 24 Jan 2009, 20:01 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by Chirios, Candidate

Anybody else reckon it might be Cleric? view post

Judging Eye posted 25 Jan 2009, 22:01 in Author Q & AJudging Eye by Chirios, Candidate

What would happen if Mimara looked at a Cishaurim with the judging eye? view post

Re: The Curse of the Judging Eye (SPOILERS!!!!) posted 25 Jan 2009, 22:01 in The Judging EyeThe Curse of the Judging Eye (SPOILERS!!!!) by Chirios, Candidate

So then, what would happen if Mimara had looked on a Fanimry-era Cishaurim ? view post

Re: Chorae (SPOILERS!!!!) posted 29 Jan 2009, 23:01 in The Judging EyeChorae (SPOILERS!!!!) by Chirios, Candidate

It doesn't make any sense to have the Chorae as actual tears of god though. The Chorae first appeared during the Nonmen - Inchoroi war; why would the God create weapons to destroy the only link they have to the world? view post

Re: The Curse of the Judging Eye (SPOILERS!!!!) posted 29 Jan 2009, 23:01 in The Judging EyeThe Curse of the Judging Eye (SPOILERS!!!!) by Chirios, Candidate

But, but, but that makes no sense. Its perfectly fine for some soldiers to destroy entire cities so long as they scream a Gods name while they do it; but its not okay for Achamian to use magic during his quest to SAVE THE WORLD? I'm sorry, but if literally, spending your entire life trying to save the world, and not commiting any truly evil acts while you do it, other than sing a song or two so that people don't stab you through the neck with raw iron; doesn't qualify as heaven material, what does? Damnit. I just realised I'm typing from the passions. The things the Dunyain would have to say... view post

Re: Kellhus vs Whiteluck -<SPOILERS>- posted 30 Jan 2009, 12:01 in The Judging EyeKellhus vs Whiteluck -<SPOILERS>- by Chirios, Candidate

We are of course; ignoring the possibility that Psatma Nannaferi is completely insane. Just wanted to throw that out there. view post

Would you... posted 07 Feb 2009, 00:02 in The Judging EyeWould you... by Chirios, Candidate

Practice sorcery, if you lived in the Three Seas? view post

Re: Kellhus vs Whiteluck -<SPOILERS>- posted 13 Feb 2009, 00:02 in The Judging EyeKellhus vs Whiteluck -<SPOILERS>- by Chirios, Candidate

[quote="Will":13yx90e5]Anybody else think the Whiteluck could be Cnaiur reborn? He killed the last dunyain, after all![/quote:13yx90e5] Accidentally Anybody else think it would be really, really, really funny if Khellus ended up killing Yatwer? view post

Re: Anasurimbor Kellhus and Jesus Christ posted 13 Feb 2009, 02:02 in General DiscusssionAnasurimbor Kellhus and Jesus Christ by Chirios, Candidate

You are correct. Khellus is blatantly meant to be Jesus. view post

Re: Bashrag posted 13 Feb 2009, 02:02 in The Warrior ProphetBashrag by Chirios, Candidate

Bashrags are the creatures built to combat the insane strength of the Nonmen. view post

Re: Would you... posted 14 Feb 2009, 15:02 in The Judging EyeWould you... by Chirios, Candidate

Knowing what I know, if I was able, I'd probably join the Mandate. They at least, damn themselves for a good reason. view post

Re: *Spoilers* The gods must be crazy posted 01 Mar 2009, 18:03 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* The gods must be crazy by Chirios, Candidate

I also think that the Gods do have to be crazy. I mean, douchebag that he is, Khellus is still trying to stop the whole, Apocalypse thing. Killing off Khellus or ending his rule will eventually lead to the Apocalypse thing succeeding, especially with the Great Ordeal consisting of most of Earwa's major generals and a large portion of the society. Basically, if the Great Ordeal fails, Earwa is screwed. By screwing around with Khellus's empire, Yatwer is basically ensuring that the Great Ordeal will fail. If the Apocalypse happens, Yatwer loses control of Earwa, thus by hindering Khellus, Yatwer is hindering herself. This, is inherently stupid. view post

An interesting thought... posted 28 Apr 2009, 00:04 in The Judging EyeAn interesting thought... by Chirios, Candidate

what if khellus was behind all the stuff with Yatwer? view post

Re: The Doomed Ordeal? posted 28 Apr 2009, 00:04 in The Judging EyeThe Doomed Ordeal? by Chirios, Candidate

Khellus [i:3gv5kvaw]has[/i:3gv5kvaw] too destroy golgatteroth otherwise the No-God will rise up and destroy all of humanity. It's unlikely he has any motives other than that. As for the Ordeal, yes, it is doomed, we have 6 more books to go through remember? view post


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