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My mini review/feedback to Mr. Bakker-minor ending spoilers posted 24 July 2008 in NeuropathMy mini review/feedback to Mr. Bakker-minor ending spoilers by Veilside, Commoner

Quote: "shadow9d9":2dlra7e9

Just one note on the ending... The chiropractor was interesting, but I felt that Thomas and his family didn't have much of an ending. What did they take away from the experience? How will they deal with the consequences? What was Neil's true purpose at the end? It just wasn't satisfying to me.

From what I understood of the ending, and I don't have the book on me so can't confirm my suspicion right now I thought that Thomas had been turned into a "Neuronaut", his son had that fear thing going on and the daughters love center had been messed with. The wife just has to recover from serious mental torture. view post

No more Ray Kurzweil posted 09 March 2009 in NeuropathNo more Ray Kurzweil by Veilside, Commoner

Just spotted in a read through last night that Ray Kurzweil was dead. Hurray! view post


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