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posted 25 Nov 2004, 03:11 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeBest character by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

After reading some of these testamonials, I'm going to have to say that Proyas is my favorite character. He's a strong, fervently religious leader, that doesn't let faith or loyalty get in the way of reason. He's not bitter and jaded like Achamian, insane like Cnaiur, lifeless like Kellhus, or completely weak and naive like Esmenet or Serwe (neither of whom do I believe are nessecary to the story, except for the fact that Serwe carries Kellhus' child). Proyas is a calculating ruler, but he has human emotions that a normal person can identify with. Go Proyas. view post

Use of mythology when creating... posted 03 Dec 2004, 22:12 in Writing TipsUse of mythology when creating... by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

Just a word of advice for those fantasy writers with a bad case of creativity-block; take a look at ancient mythology. Usually something can be created (a character or a name) that is based on a mythological name or creature- the research will give you some good ideas, and you can't plagerize cultural identity! Also, try looking at medieval history, packed with factions and titles for a good story. view post

Beyond The Prince of Nothing? posted 12 Dec 2004, 05:12 in Off-Topic DiscussionBeyond The Prince of Nothing? by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

Are there any rumors for sequels or prequels to The Prince of Nothing? Bakker seems like hes created this world without limits, and it would be a shame for it to end with The Thousandfold Thought (though it sounds like it will be amazing). What I would love to see is a more in-depth look at the war between the Mandate and the Consult, before the Consult went into hiding. Also, I'd love to see a real-time account of the First Apocalypse, just to read about the No-God more. Shadow warfare is cool, and the only thing cooler is TOTAL warfare. I'd like to see a story that didn't limit itself, essentially, to the Three Seas region. Thoughts? view post

posted 17 Dec 2004, 01:12 in Off-Topic DiscussionBeyond The Prince of Nothing? by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

I'm positive that there's at least SOMEONE on this board that maybe has some thoughts. Or is this just boycott the newbie? Seriously, it's like the posts I make aren't even here. view post

posted 22 Dec 2004, 17:12 in Off-Topic DiscussionBeyond The Prince of Nothing? by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

I would hope at least one of the next books, preferably TTFT, includes some more information about Nonmen and takes the reader all the way to Golgotterath. The Holy War is cool, but I feel like it would be even more interesting to lay siege to The Consult in their stronghold, like in the old days. view post

Moenghus and Mandate posted 12 Apr 2005, 01:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMoenghus and Mandate by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

Could it be possible, and I'm acting on a hunch here, so bear with me, that Moenghus could be, not a Cishaurim, but some kind of Consult-spy schoolman who has mastered the Gnosis? Think about it; Dunyain have most of their power through the ability to read peoples' expressions- the Cishaurim have no eyes; while we know little about Psuke, we know that the Gnosis contains the Cants of Calling, by which someone can enter the dream of another as long as he knows where he is- i.e. Moenghus could find Kellhus. This is just a theory, and I'm not nessesarily saying I myself believe it, but it's definantley something to think about. -Morgoth Bauglir view post

posted 12 Apr 2005, 23:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMoenghus and Mandate by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

Yes, I see that now. I'm still finishing TWP (go easy on me; I couldn't find it anywhere and Amazon didn't work!) and I just got to the part where Kellhus talks to the Cishaurim about his father; its obvious that Moenghus is Cishaurim. Je regrete; je n'ai pas compris mes mots! view post

The Destruction of the Dunyain posted 12 Apr 2005, 23:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Destruction of the Dunyain by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

The Dunyain, perpetuators of both Moenghus and Kellhus, have proven to be a thorn in the side of a few entities in PON, namely The Consult, The Nansur, Moenghus and therefore the Cishaurim, etc. Do you think that, eventually, either in TTT, The Aspect-Emperor, or some other storyline, that eventually the Dunyain will have to be eliminated? Think about it; Moenghus travels into the world, the Prima sends Kellhus to kill Moenghus, Kellhus hijacks the Holy War instead of Conphas, and complicates the plans of The Consult- any more like Kellhus, which I'm certain there are, would be a MAJOR threat to the ongoings of the Three Seas. Is time running out for the Conditioned of Ishual? view post

posted 13 Apr 2005, 22:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Destruction of the Dunyain by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

This is all well and good, however, how close can a Dunyain get to a hostile Imperial Saik, Scarlet Schoolman, Mandati or Cishaurim, not to mention whatever horrors the Consult wield? For all we know, there could be dozens of different sorcerous texts that the Consult posess. Remember that the Dunyain are NOT all-knowing; Kellhus himself professes this. My prediction is that, should Ishual be attacked by a School, they would not survive. view post

posted 30 Apr 2005, 03:04 in The Thousandfold Thoughtlivin n dyin in TTT by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

I think that we may have seen the end of the skin-spy epidemic. Kellhus is able to see them, AND kill them without much trouble, not to mention EVERYONE reveres him as the Warrior-Prophet, plus he has achieved the Thousandfold Thought, which I'm going to assume makes him basically invincible. No, the Consult has worse tricks up their sleeve, and I hope we get to see them in action. I have a strange feeling that the Zaudunyani will become a sort of Prophet's School- one impervious to chorae (seeing as Kellhus, one of the Few, cannot be harmed by the chorae as we've seen time and again; i.e. the ring bound by chorae, and another instance where he handled one). I think Achamian will surrender the Gnosis towards the end of TTT, as he watches the Mandate be utterly destroyed by new Consult weaponry. Predictions: -Maithanet, possibly a tool of the Consult, combined with Xerius' Nansur, will lead an army of Orthodox Inrithi against the new Anasurimborites, thus beginning a second Holy War (in PON, we constantly see references to Achamian's Compendium of the FIRST Holy War) -The Dunyain will be found by the Consult; their ignorance of sorcery and their helplessness against a Nonmen-Consult alliance will cause their ultimate destruction; they will find that the Shortest Path is the one to the grave -After the last defeat of Orthodoxy, Moenghus, united with Kellhus and the schools who support them, will create a new Aspect-Empire with Shimeh as the capital; the Consult, enraged by their hideous failure to control the activities of the Three Seas, flood the war zone with armies of Bagrash, Wracu and Sranc -We will see the evolution of a school that exceeds the power of the Mandate or even the schools of the Old Wars- immunity to chorae, possession of the Daimos, Anagos, Gnosis, Teneke and Logos- which side they will be fighting on, if any, is up for speculation view post

posted 03 Jun 2005, 00:06 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Title by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

I for one would love to see the novel be called, "Tears Of The God", "Swazond", "Circumfix" or "The Heretic-King". The Thousandfold Thought is good, but it doesn't necessarily capture the kind of attention that a short and simple but interesting title would. view post


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