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Moenghus as Harbinger posted 01 Dec 2004, 22:12 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMoenghus as Harbinger by Conphas, Commoner

Just some idle speculation... We already know that the Consult is using the Holy War to destroy the Cishaurim. It is also widely agreed that Moenghus is one of the leaders of the Cishaurim and that he has had 30 years to entrench himself in the Three Seas. This brings me to my main idea regarding the Celmomian Prophecy. There already was an Anasurimbor in the Three Seas region 30 years before Kellhus showed up! Achamian doesn't know this and so much of the books' focus (through Akka) is on Kellhus as the Harbinger, and thus the reader's focus is also on this as well. But I don't think there is any way that an author as sophisticated as Bakker would leave this to chance. With how important the Celmomian Prophecy appears to be, would he really intend Kellhus as the Harbinger when his father has technically, already fulfilled the Prophecy? That leaves a big question regarding Kellhus' role in the series though. What role will he play in the coming Apocalypse? Could he be the avatar of Mog-Pharau himself? Anyway, I think Moenghus is the Harbinger and Kellhus' role is yet to be defined. We really don't even know what his intentions are when it comes to finally standing face to face with his father. Or then again, maybe I'm stating the blatantly obvious...what do ya'll think? view post

A Question Regarding the Universe of tPoN? posted 14 Dec 2004, 13:12 in Author Q & AA Question Regarding the Universe of tPoN? by Conphas, Commoner

Hi Mr. Bakker, I think its really cool you take the time to post on this messageboard, and that being said, I understand if you can't or won't answer this question. Does a fictional version of "our" Earth exist within the reality of the PoN series? Since the Inchoroi came from the void and they understand that the stars are actually suns etc... I was wondering if you have this world set up in the same universe as ours or if it is an altogether different reality? Love the books, you and GRRM are tops for me. Thanks, Conphas view post

Campaigning In Earwa posted 27 Dec 2004, 14:12 in Author Q & ACampaigning In Earwa by Conphas, Commoner

Hi Mr. Bakker, Just a few questions about your old D&D campaigns set in Earwa. Were your PCs historically important in the grand scheme of Earwa? What era did your campaigns take place in? What sort of stories did the campaigns revolve around? Do you still do any roleplaying? Thanks, Conphas view post

RPG? posted 07 Dec 2005, 21:12 in Author Q & ARPG? by Conphas, Commoner

Hi Scott, Just wonder if you'd ever consider licensing an RPG/Sourcebook of Earwa like Robert Jordan, GRRM etc. have done? Any thoughts on this specific to you or in general? Thanks for being so available to your fans! view post

The Meeting between Kellhus & Moenghus? posted 27 Jan 2006, 14:01 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Meeting between Kellhus & Moenghus? by Conphas, Commoner

I was a bit disappointed and confused by the final meeting between K&M. What was the point other than to wrap up a plotline? Kellhus didn't learn anything from Moenghus - his father just repeated everything he assumed Kellhus had done and learned along the way. Am I missing something? What did ya'll get out of this meeting? And I still don't get what tTT is... view post

Kellhus? posted 27 Jan 2006, 14:01 in Author Q & AJust finished TTT by Conphas, Commoner

I would second Grallon's issues with the narrative "journey"of the Kellhus character and how it relates to the "Outside." But I love your worldbuilding, Scott. I think its the best ever. Would you ever consider writing at length about the Cuno-Inchoroi Wars? view post

Mekertrig or "The Man-Traitor?" posted 27 Jan 2006, 22:01 in Author Q & AMen v. Nonmen by Conphas, Commoner

[quote:2xuds400]And some, like the Nonman (Mekertrig) that Kellhus meets in the Prologue, have taken to creating traumatic experiences just so they can have something to remember...[/quote:2xuds400] Sorry to dredge up this old topic but is the Nonman from the prologue of tDtCB the Nonman Erratic who reveals Golgotterath to the Gnostic Sorcerers prior to the First Apocalypse? It looks like Scott spelled the name differently yet very similar so I'm not sure if this is a typo or not? Any help is appreciated! view post

posted 08 Feb 2006, 13:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by Conphas, Commoner

[quote:12re4p18]Cnauir's fighting prowess is preserved by the Tekne and he is charged with leading the Scylvendi into battle once again on the side of the Consult.[/quote:12re4p18] This is what I think will happen as well. In the first Apocalypse the Scylvendi fought with the No-God, this time around they have a Scylvendi General? Cnaiur seemed pretty "comfortable" with the skin spies so I can see where the Consult would have a lot to offer him in addition to revenge against Kellhus. view post

Heron Spear posted 03 Mar 2006, 19:03 in Author Q & AWorldhorn & Heron Spear by Conphas, Commoner

[quote:2pypw50c]I thought that the glossary reference was refering to it vaguely looking like a spear But it could be both.[/quote:2pypw50c] I took the glossary to mean it looked vaguely like a Heron (the bird). Which gave me the impression of a laser/energy weapon on a tripod. The tripod gives it the "Heron" part of the name and the "lance" or "spear" of light that it emits gives it the "spear" part of the name. Those are my musings. view post


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