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posted 27 Oct 2004, 21:10 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Title by Inner_visions, Candidate

The Thousandfold Thought is a great name and kind of implies that Kellhus's father Moeghus is going to be deeply involved because it was one of his Cishaurum that told Kellhus of it. It's also an Alliteration(can't spell) so it strings together nicely. When Sorcerers Sing sounds corny and very cliçhed to me, where as you books are the most uncliched fantasy i've read in a while. (got a bit more in TWP mut not much more.) Although the title does refer to Baker's interesting way of describing and involving sorcery. (First post, WHASUP!) view post

posted 27 Oct 2004, 22:10 in The Thousandfold ThoughtLike father like son? by Inner_visions, Candidate

Good points all around. First off Archaiman has been through a f*~* of a lot but, it points near the end that we would teach him the Gnosis. Clearly, as said by the bird man, that the Holy War was their weapon to destroy the Cishaurum. That's why they need it to keep going to SHimeh to finish it. Why they want to destroy the Cishaurum is hard to know but, they'll surely been setting the Holy way up well. What it looks like(to me) is that the 'secret' war between the Scarlet Spires and the Cisharum is nearly the COnsult fighting the Scarlet Spires so that it looks like it's The Cishaurum. So, the Scarlet Spires will help the holy war when asked my Mainahet. (point to the conclusion that he is in fact Consult.) Moeghus, seeing that the Consult was amassing this massive plan to kill him and his Cishaurum, decides to do the only thing that will get the Dunyain to one of their own to come out of hiding, proving himself a threat using something they themselves don';t understand.(Sorcery.) The dunyain thinking they know everything that si worth knowing(The Logos), are afraid of the unknown powers that Moeghus has decide to send what looks one of their most intelligent disciples, his son, to make sure that their hiding place is not found or whatever. Kellhus brings himself slowly to the Shimeh but by some happenstance, there is a Holy war going on, and it's going to SHiMEH! He sees this as the shortest path to Shimeh and takes over it. Now all that's left for Moeghus to do is to controll the son(Kellhus) and he sets back the Consults plan and he has another Dunyain as is allie. Something like that? I might post again to continue with my view on the events. Also I believe that Bakker hinted at the reason Moeghus put The Logos down on the shelf of priorities; that is, emotions/connections between people. I only say this because Kellhus is becoming slightly attached to thos around him. (Esmenet and his followers in paticular) I might be wrong completly or this may be how Moeghus intends to controll him. He might have fallen to emotions himself and knows that his son will sucomb to them aswell. Anyways, whatever the next book is or what happens in it I am deeply saddend by that fact that this is a trilogy. I know that a writter needs to set concrete goals but this series was so epic(to me at least) that 3 books seems to put it to shame. Like, after I read the first book I never thought to how far it would go only that it could go as far as it wanted. After the second book my opinion on that was made concrete because all the Holy war was move and so many things happened it was astounding. For sejenus's sake were not even at Shimeh yet, and no one knows what the hell is going to happen there. BAkker if you end this all in Shimeh i'm gonna be pissed.[/rant] view post

posted 27 Oct 2004, 22:10 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWhat is the Thousand-Fold Thought? by Inner_visions, Candidate

Awsome thoughts man. I was thinking around the same thing but, I never conected the No-God to that much. I stilll don't but it is a well standing argument. view post

posted 14 Nov 2004, 05:11 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Inner_visions, Candidate

Reading A clash of Kings by George RR Martin, Dragons of Eden by ..., Life of Pi by .... Dam I don't remeber names well. view post

posted 14 Nov 2004, 05:11 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by Inner_visions, Candidate

Anything by Radiohead(but now into Amnesiac and Ok Computer) Anything by The Lucksmiths Arcade Fire- Funderal Bôa-Duvet ANything by the Pillows The Postal Service-Give up Led Zep-I, II Other random stuff. Constantly changing, obviously. view post

posted 14 Nov 2004, 05:11 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeBest character by Inner_visions, Candidate

Kellhus is definily want i'd call an original character but not my favorite in Bakker's series' The Prince of Nothing. Although i'm growing a small fondness of him due to his revelations and changes in the end of the second book. Cnaiur has got to be one of my favorite, if not my favorite characters. Already said was that he had so many layers like an onion. That's one of the most interresting things about Cnaiur because he's the most like a real person. His various layers overlap and melt and change and make him a different person then he was 20 pages ago. He's so unpredictable even Kellhus can only manipulate variables that he thinks will have an affect on Cnaiur, Kellhus isn't even sure about those. In response to the most recent 'guest' post, Cnaiur is not invincible(not that you said it) and has been trying to prove himself forever. That is why he kills, not even for his own culture of anything else but the need to be accepted. ALmost everything he does it for acceptance and self worth but in the end he has neither. Also he isn't just some massively tough barbaric warrior he has feelings too(lol) and has always been a slave to another, whether it be Moeghus, his fellow clansmen, or Kellhus. Well.... eh yeah something like that. Second favorite is Archamian because he is such an interresting character as well. Even more pain then Cnaiur's past, plus his always changing stance with his students, Esmenet, and in the second book Xinemus. ALso his relationship with Kellhus is very eyeopening because even after Esmenet has become Kellhus' he still wishes to teach the Gnosis to him. It just proves how much a belief effects the human physce. Other reasons as well but its 12:00 here and i'm tired so all i have to say is keep writting Bakker. view post

posted 09 Feb 2006, 01:02 in ReviewsOpen review - Prince of Nothing vol 1 by Inner_visions, Candidate

Lol. '[quote:3a8k549a]The only room for growth, it would seem, is deeper and more elaborate darkness. Already you're gazing pretty hard into the abyss, and I wouldn't want to see you fall. [/quote:3a8k549a] You predicted it pretty well. view post

posted 09 Feb 2006, 01:02 in Author Q & ASpoilerful question about the trilogy's end by Inner_visions, Candidate

Personaly, I felt the ending was what I always want in an ending; definite. It ended the 'main' character's progression and evolution throughout the story. I find that in the fantasy that I read it usually doesnt end with such closure and since this series was the most hard-hitting series that i've read, I think I needed it. I came to theses forums today out of a beaten curiosity, not because I was un-satisfied by the endings. BTW i never personaly expected anything good to come, why should it? The war took it's toll on everyone. People were asked to give untill they thought they couldn't. I'm just doing WWI in my socials class and I thought that the depiction in this book was amazing. It hit me as hard as anything i've read pertaining to war. The clash of entire populations! FOR LAND NO LESS! So ridiculous when brought into my logical path. Another btw to the original post by Cythraul: I think we saw lots of good in the books, and in the only places we were probably going to see it; it was in the hearts of the main characters. Esmenet and Achaiman's love in the second book especially seemed a joyous thing. When compared to everyday North American and European life then yes, it's horrible but I agree with Scott in thinking that life was horrible. We still have the infrastructure of the caste system in NA but it's more deeply hidden, or why would GWB countinue to pursue tax cuts for the richest people when he's giving a heavier load to students and the middle class? Especially since he's already in debt a ton? In regards to Esmenet, what did you think she was going to do? I thought her actions and her view on Kellhus made it pretty clear what was going to happen at the end of the day. She pretty much did everything but explicitely said she was going to go back to Kellhus. As for [quote:3n8jpz6f]The man is a 47 yo sorcerer and teacher - and during the course of 3 books he mooned over that woman like a blubbering teenager. Arghh ! [/quote:3n8jpz6f] it was directly stated by Esmenet no less as to why he was so 'innocent' in his love; he had nothing else. He clinged to her. Anyway, I hope that Achaiman pursues sorcery now that he's freed up so much of his time. (being that he doesn't have anything else) *sry about the rant, I should have taken more time to make the writting more coherent and what-not but I simply dont have time today. Hopefully my next post will be better* view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 04:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSkin-Spies have Souls by Inner_visions, Candidate

I agree with the skin-spies being souless. It is mentioned many times by different sources. What i'm concerned about is the fact that when Maithenet mentions the skin-spy it is as if it were the ONLY one with a soul... Maybe every skin spy with a soul will be able to perform sorcery; also since the consult can create them ¿'infinitely'? they could maybe make an army of sorcerors. Although, it's also equally possible that he wasn't the first one with a soul, but one of many and since the consult has no use for someone who doesn't serve a purpose they just go rid of thoses who can't perform sorccery? The whole Mandate thing was, I believe, expalined by Drusas himself. I believe he talks about them having, in effect, 2 souls: their own and Seswatha's. So, when they are compulsed, their own soul is being controlled but then Seswatha's will just temporarily control their body. I will look for a direct quote, and if I'm wrong just go ahead and tell me. :D view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 04:02 in Author Q & Ado chorea last by Inner_visions, Candidate

I'm somewhat confused to how much a chorae needs to touch the Sorceror? In Inrau's case it's very hard to tell whether he dies from one touch or if it's held on him. view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 04:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtTDTCB Prolouge by Inner_visions, Candidate

IMO it seems just an example of the hhuman psyche that has gone through Apocalypse. It's just an example of how the inchoroi aren't all that different from us right? More opinions plz. view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 05:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtInchoroi Origins/Aims by Inner_visions, Candidate

I enjoy SF as much as the next guy, but the way Bakker was describing it always seemed so otherwordly and spiritual to me. I never even considered it to be how our universe is made, I thought of it as singularity. Like how we thought the world was in the Bible, just there by itself. Like the way Final Fantasy 9 was, the souls circulating and keeping the planet's 'life' going. Like a natural cycle between ONLY the Outside and Earwa. The only book that I've read with something kind of like the visual images I'm getting is "His Dark Materials" and the fusion on many worlds into one space? In regards to the sealing, I think it's kinda like FF9 again: when the souls stopped circulating the planet died. Untill every is gone there'll still be a trickle of 'water' coming through. If you plug all the holes where's the water going to go? No where, which is what the Inchoroi want. They just don't want to go to hell. They are like scared children, they just don't want to suffer. It's merely the idea of prevention, nothing in particular. Kind of like the madate's fear of the Consult or belief in God, you can't understand it but you can try your damned hardest to do something about it. (Constant recruitment by Mandate and prayer to God?) It;s not something that I can explain easily as it seems more like something you feel rather than logically analyse. I don't know if any of this makes sense either but w/e. I should explain what I mean about final fantasy 9 too...: In FF9 there was a continuous cycle of souls, which was keeping the planet vibrant and alive; when the Gaians?(name check plz) started plugging the 'holes' where souls came through (the lifa tree?) the world started to wither and die. WHen all the souls were stuck dead, the gaians were going to repopulate and regrow the planet by only putting their souls in the mix.(?) It's been a while since I played FF9 so if i'm wrong please tell me and clarify. Again, I don't know if any of this makes sense either but w/e, I'm trying ... eheheh view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 05:02 in Author Q & AKant and the Dunyain by Inner_visions, Candidate

He is a philospher...? Maybe an example is the 'witnessing' of events? Maybe because the people of Earwa perceive the world as simple(I believe that is mentioned) that it becomes simple? I don't know much about Kant but please discuss your opinion more throughly. :D view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 05:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Mandate Skin-Spy by Inner_visions, Candidate

That answer raises more questions than it answers: How could he not have the dreams when they were such a crucial part of life as a Mandate? In the books it's mentioned that every Mandate has the same dream as every other Mandate each night(althought night to night differs). It would have come up in conversation at some point during his life as a Mandate. Also how does having a soul affect his thought process? Is he 100% undercontroll of the COnsult or did he run away from them and join the Mandate?<---LOL "And since the skin-spies only invaded the 3Cs about a dozen years ago, Simon was already a powerful Mandate sorcorer who knew the Gnosis." You seem to know what you're talking about, but where does it say this? Just curious because it means I don't remember very specifically the books and I should probably re-read the book. Maybe it's just me and it's a lot simpler then i'm making it out to be. view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 05:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Dream that went wrong by Inner_visions, Candidate

I never thought of the fusing of Seswatha and Achaiman's personalities but it seems a plausible option. Achaiman was acting not quite like himself, I rmember that he mentioned this himself a few times. In regards to the 'remnesce of Seswatha, Achaiman directly discribes it as plying 2 men; seeing as Seswatha went through teh wall of Anguish he's a dam tough guy and he probably wouldn't break. It's what I also think of the cants, Seswatha takes over when the person can't do it by himself, effectively bearing some of the stress and pain himself. Also someone mentioned Seswatha as heartless and cold? I don't beleive I ever got that impression, he just did what he needed to do. Didn't he regret having to use his student during the journey. Didn't he starve and cry in a cave for days because of what had happened in his life. I think he was an incredibly strong man who did whatever he could to help the Non-men. view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 06:02 in Author Q &amp; AWorldhorn &amp; Heron Spear by Inner_visions, Candidate

Maybe the Inchoiroi were angels and they were given the weapons of light by something from the Oustide or maybe they are just artifacts of the 'Outside'. Mog-Pharau was the abscence of life kind-of right, the emboidiment of 'evil'? SO maybe the spear is the embodiment of good, a weapon with the 'influence of God'. Maybe it's made of souls and Mog-Pharau didn't actually have a soul so he died because of the anti to real reaction? Maybe the No-God was a physical embodiment of the 'Void' (oustide and void are different things?) and the spear was a physical embodiment of the 'Outside'? I'm just throwing out ideas so poo-poo them if they're dumb. view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 06:02 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by Inner_visions, Candidate

Was listening to Combat Baby on repeat for the last 'romp in the park 'of TTT and Achaiman's final stand. Metric - Old WOrld Underground view post

The Self Moving Soul posted 21 Feb 2006, 06:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Self Moving Soul by Inner_visions, Candidate

it is mentioned many times that after Kellhus' circomfixion he can reach out and 'touch' others with an extension of himself. It seems to me as though he might have become the Dunyain's dream, a self moving soul, and that he is touching another's souls with his own? It sounds stupid but please discuss! view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 06:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtExplanation for Achamian's survival?? by Inner_visions, Candidate

The Gnosis is Abstraction in essence; I find it hard to believe they could bring something so concrete from the void... but you guys keep talking about 'summoning of Agencies'. Where might I find more specific imformation about this process? view post

posted 21 Feb 2006, 06:02 in Author Q &amp; AWoe comes... by Inner_visions, Candidate

[quote="unJon":3catymjy]I disagree, though its just speculation. I don't think that the skin-spy recognized Akka, per se, so much as he recognized that the person in front of him was a Mandate Schoolman, because he "felt" (for lack of a bette word) the presence of Seswatha. How, I have no idea.[/quote:3catymjy] Quoted for truth of feeling. Maybe Seswatha's soul was just that strong, that even it's remenance can be seen by the skin-spies. Maybe the skin-spies have a memory of the Apocalypse somehow? To perceive you need a soul, but to observe and recognise it'd think you wouldn't need one. Their very mechanical things, not taking imformation through your own perception and changing it but just seeing and accepting. Maybe it's how Kellhus was discribing his interactions with people later on in TTT. view post

posted 28 Feb 2006, 05:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtInchoroi Origins/Aims by Inner_visions, Candidate

[quote="Entropic_existence":tvu08wbh]Oh definitly, I completely agree, there is always alot of crossover between alot of series. I just wanted to stress that the symbology/methodology so to speak of Epic Fantasy is more at the forefront of PON as opposed to it's SF elements. And I meant no insult towards the FF comparisons (although FF was never my thing :) ) just pointing out that they are more hmmm superficial as in, on the outside they are similar but once you delve deeper the differences appearing make them more and more different. Hmm I know that came out weird but I think you know what I mean. :)[/quote:tvu08wbh] Before I came back to the boards in January, I tried to make everything fit in an only fantasy world so it's not like I'm trying to SF it up. Since I came and have read some Q and A and yours and others posts I see that it has some SF stuff in it; I'm not exactly pleased but it's not my story either. Anyway, In regards to the Womb-Plague here's a direct quote with link to some pertinent info: [quote:tvu08wbh]Regarding biological warfare, the suggestion is that the Inchoroi have long ago ceased understanding their own technology. This is a function of their moribund state as well as their immortality. The idea is that they've inherited an arsenal from their past, much of it damaged, and that those genomic weapons they do get off the ground, are the result of centuries of blind tinkering, cannibalizing, and scrounging. The Womb-Plague (see the Cuno-Inchoroi Wars in TTT), for instance, is an example of an ad hoc microbial weapon. [/quote:tvu08wbh] "" And so, granting immunity to his followers does not seem plausible since at the point when the No-God was created it wasn't a bunch of original Inchoroi scientists it was the Mangaecca who wouldn't know the intricacies(correct me if wrong). Also, how would a biological weapon selectively attack thoses with souls... this is why i dont like fantasy trying to be SF. Anyway, explanation will come forth I'm sure. What the No-God's power always seemed to me was passive; as soon as he was 'birthed' onto Earwa then the way into Earwa from the 'Outside' was closed off from others, although it seems it was an actually plague.(again correct if wrong) E.g. babies. [quote:tvu08wbh]And what of the Scylvendi, were they also barren during the Apocalypse, and would it have made sense for them to fight for the No-God under those circumstances? Was this mentioned anywhere in TTT?[/quote:tvu08wbh] I'd think it wouldn't matter to the Scylvendi because they were fighting FOR THEIR GOD. lawl. Anyway, that brings to mind the question of when the Scylvendi actually started to think of Mog-Pharau as their god. I dont remeber hearing anything about timeframe but maybe there was. view post

posted 03 Mar 2006, 04:03 in Author Q &amp; ANot smart enough by Inner_visions, Candidate

Things can be pondered too long is what I say. lol Anyway, in Bakker's own words...Achaiman page 268: " A book was never 'read'. Here, as elsewhere, language betrayed the true nature of the activity. To say a book was read was to make the same mistake as the gambler who crowed about winning as though he'd taken it by force of hand or resolve. To toss the number-sticks was to seize a moment of helplessness, nothing more. To open a book was not only to seize a moment of helplessness, not only to relinquish a jealous handful of heart-beats to the unpredictable mark of another *person's* quill, it was to allow oneself to be written. For what was a book if not a long consecutive surrender to the movements of another's soul? Achamian could think of no abandonment of self more profound." view post

posted 03 Mar 2006, 04:03 in Author Q &amp; AAkka and the Ciphrang - TTT spoilers by Inner_visions, Candidate

I'm afraid of the above post.../hide Anyway, what happened is between the book and reader in my opinion. The author gets his say but we don't have to accept it. (denial is something i'm good at) lol. view post

posted 03 Mar 2006, 04:03 in Author Q &amp; AWorldhorn &amp; Heron Spear by Inner_visions, Candidate

If it's a pew pew lazer I'm gonan be sad... I'm pretty sure that Mr Bakker is much more original than that... view post

posted 04 Mar 2006, 00:03 in Tour and Signing InformationTentative Schedule by Inner_visions, Candidate

Ouch... I was so happy when i saw you were coming to Vancouver but today I just checked the date again... and realized that you were coming over spring break! I'm going on Vacation!! nOOOOOOOOO Anyway, great to see your getting around the country and hopefully you books get more popular and your touring gets bigger! Hoepfully you have a good time in Vancouver. view post

posted 27 Jun 2006, 06:06 in Philosophy DiscussionDrugs by Inner_visions, Candidate

To start it off I've used a few drugs but mainly alcohol and marajuana. After reading every post carefully I find that I've experienced many of the same things you all have while on drugs: memory issues (flashbacks, connection making or overall speed problems), detachment, empowerment, loss of control and the ability to find what I really want in life. Drug usage is really about the state of mind you're in when you take them and who you're with. Drugs should only be takent in a safe and controlled environement especially the first time. As for their effects on our logical paths and ways of thinking i've noticed that they don't make me either more perceptive or less but slow down the thought process letting natural connection occur that normally wouldn't. Most of the time when I'm with people on drugs I notice how childlike we are all and self motivated we all are so I don't like to do drugs with certain people... With friends it's a good environement, we can shed the drama and just enjoy each others company. Drugs differs wildly from person to person and depending on your internal chemistry during the time you do drugs you can seriously screw yourself up. My dad's friend personnaly got fried from one use of Heroin and I have some friends on every drug imaginable... THey have their positives and negatives much like everything else. IMO they should be regulated and controlled by one organization or board seperate from any state or nation so that there isn't any bias or fear or bribery going on. OR at least by the gov't beacuse in the end, people are gonna get what they want... it's a free country you know? And when they get it, it's bad stuff made in someone's basement. There's no lab, no safety procedures... You could take Extasy and end up addicted to meth. Blah too lazy to finish the post so im leaving as is... :D view post

posted 28 Sep 2006, 07:09 in Philosophy Discussion&quot;Have you ever met someone who is smarter than you?&quo by Inner_visions, Candidate

I agree with Peter's long post. :D I believe that intellect is not the sum of our abilities but our general ability to 'learn'. By this I mean that the speed in which we grasp, quantitatively how much we grasp, our peripheral of understanding and how well we can apply this knowledge to our ever changing environment. First off i'm just a newb high school student so any mentioning of education would refer to my own experiences... In school you are generally taught methods of problem solving, formulas and other step by step ways in which to solve the specific problem at hand. People who generally do well in school follow the method/formula and follow it precisely. It doesn't necessarily mean they are intelligent, they're just following instructions. Neither does a monumental skill in a certain sport mean that the aforementioned person is extremely intelligent. Perhaps they have simply practiced since they were young and countinue to practice more than anyone else that they know. If you were to explain to me that the athelete gained theses skills in very little time that would be , in my opinion, demonstrate intelligence. Perhaps he/she developed his/her own trainning regime that has made him/her a much better athelete. Taking into account of emotional intelligence, maybe she/he was smart enough to befriend someone with the skills she/he wished to aquire. A good athelete could also mean many things, maybe he/she is a teamplayer: he/she would be able to utilize the many teamates advantages and use them inn the right situations in a game. She/he would probably have a high' emotional intelligence' and would know how her/his team was feeling and how to either raise morale or keep them in check. Since I'm getting tired i'll finish up this post quickly. Two points in my first statement haven't been examplified:"our peripheral of understanding and how well we can apply this knowledge to our ever changing environment." I don't know how well I explained my idea but our peripheral of understanding means the ability to view the same information at a different angle. Rich vs poor is the best I can come up with. A poor person's perspective is much different then a rich person's. This peripheral undestanding leads to a more empathic person with a higher emotional intelligence which is very important since we are very social animals. The last part of the statement is roughly how well we can exploit weakness and utilize strengths and advantages in daily life situtations and in the rarer 'stressful situations'. By 'stressful situations' I mean situations in which the person as to act fast. Emergency situations for example. IF i didn't make sense tell me and i'll try to make sense in my next post... It's just getting late and I'm tired... This is a good discussion though. More people should join in! view post

posted 28 Sep 2006, 15:09 in Literature DiscussionTerry Goodkind engages in rape fantasy? by Inner_visions, Candidate

[quote="FuraxVZ":2iprp487] As for his books, I gave up long ago, even before he became a born-again Objectivist. Just poorly written and trite.[/quote:2iprp487] That just about sums him up. view post

Re: Scott Bakker ruined it for me. posted 17 Jan 2007, 06:01 in Off-Topic DiscussionScott Bakker ruined it for me. by Inner_visions, Candidate

[quote="Harrol":8kxi27eq]I do not know if anyone else has this problem but I can not read much fantasy anymore after reading the PON series. The only other fantasy writer I enjoy nowadays is G R R Martin. Is there anyone else out there plagued by the same problem?[/quote:8kxi27eq] QFT. I find it hard to enjoy any writing that is subpar, which is most fantasy and SF. No offense but good writing is hard to find anywhere, and fantasy and SF seem to be no exception... it's just fiction books get more publicity and awards. IF you can't find something you're willing to read in a certain subject you might as well read something from a different subject. :D BTW anyone have any suggestions other than Erikson, Martin or Goodkin? view post

posted 17 Jan 2007, 06:01 in Off-Topic Discussionrelease dates by Inner_visions, Candidate

That's awesome to hear. Bakker deserves the attention for Neuropath. view post

Facebook posted 17 Jan 2007, 07:01 in Off-Topic DiscussionFacebook by Inner_visions, Candidate

I made a facebook group... lawl. If you have facebook, join it. :D view post


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