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Brendhan Commoner | joined 26 August 2004 | 2 posts

Best character posted 26 August 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeBest character by Brendhan, Commoner

Cnaiur urs Skiotha, breaker-of-horses-and-men

Violent as violence was intended to be...ever, but able to love Anissi even as he murdered the traitors of his Tribe. Probably the only true match to the Dunyain Kellhus. His intelligence matched with his gigantic propensity for violence are what scares the beejeebus outta me and made me love the character all the more so. view post

Do You Play Any MMRPG's? posted 26 August 2004 in Author Q & ADo You Play Any MMRPG's? by Brendhan, Commoner

before graduating to bookcase wargames.

That is what I like to hear:) a fellow grognard came up with this incredible story.

Playin The Arab-Israeli Wars (avalon hill) with my brother-in-law and have a 3 month game in progress (pbem) of War and Peace (the napleonic wars) view post


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