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Infinity, destiny and The Prince Of Nothing's philosophy posted 26 Sep 2006, 22:09 in Philosophy DiscussionInfinity, destiny and The Prince Of Nothing's philosophy by Schoolman, Commoner

I'm a philosopher (loose description :lol: ) and i wanna hear your thoughts on some things in Bakker's prince Of Nothing. If everything that comes before determines what comes after then the universe is controlled by cause and effect. And so all things are predestined. However if everything is predestined then how must individuals make effort to change and mould the world if all is as it should be. Kellhus uses the Logos to determine and predict but true Logos should be about acceptance and stoic resolve-no? And finally, the idea of infinity, is it present in The Prince Of Nothing? What do you think? Is it absent in view of the threat of the No God? Is this a world of absolutes with beginnings and endings and no open ended timeline. Not since Thomas Covenant has a work of fantasy struck me so philosophically. R. Scott Bakker-well done. Now sharpen your mind's friends and strike out as best you can with reflections and answers on this and your general philosophy of The prince of nothing. view post


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