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Is God Flawed??? posted 29 Dec 2007, 01:12 in Philosophy DiscussionIs God Flawed??? by zephyr, Candidate

I have seen this topic discussed in other forums and am interested in anybody's opinion on this. I guess the question really is if there is/are a god/gods/entity (or whatever) can they be perfectly good or is there some inherent 'badness' to them. I don't really have a good way of what I'm trying to ask but Ill try. There are two possibilities, both which undermine the idea of God as flawless. For if he/she/it created evil (again, he created free will, but evil had to exist as a choice before that choice could even be made), then that undermines the notion of a perfectly good being. The other possibility is that he did not create evil, but if he didn't then evil exists as a abstract ideal that supercedes even God. view post

Do the powers in control suck at their jobs? posted 29 Dec 2007, 01:12 in Philosophy DiscussionDo the powers in control suck at their jobs? by zephyr, Candidate

This kind of goes along with my other post. Assuming that the universe and cosmos were created by some being whether it be God or gods or aliens or superintelligent shades of the color blue, why was it created and is this creation lacking due to the creator's mistake? I am just interested in what anyone has to say concerning this question/s. view post

posted 30 Dec 2007, 02:12 in Philosophy DiscussionDo the powers in control suck at their jobs? by zephyr, Candidate

[i:3pcudfg9]Mandati Wannabe[/i:3pcudfg9] Sorry, I did not mean to say that that was my view on the universe. I simply just wanted to see what people had to say about it. But, thanks a lot for the link. I knew about that writing I just never took the time to study it. view post

posted 30 Dec 2007, 02:12 in Literature DiscussionDan Brown by zephyr, Candidate

[i:2xq6g61z]The Darkness: and i cant help but notice that no one comments on his other books. all of which i found entertaining to say the least. give them a try you will be suprised![/i:2xq6g61z] Yeah. while i was reading all the posts i also was wondering if anyone was going to say anything about his other works. They were all interesting in their own right. I have to agree with all of you about the not so good writing style of Brown. If you read his other books you will see his style is almost exactly the same. He always puts a ridiculously ludicrous twist right at the end. view post

posted 30 Dec 2007, 03:12 in Literature DiscussionHis Dark Materials series by zephyr, Candidate

[i:1wlu1563]Randal: The first book especially was a marvel of atmosphere and characterisation. In the later two though, Pullman's agenda started to dominate, and this in my mind detracted from the series as a whole.[/i:1wlu1563] I definitely agree with you there. But yeah, I definitely enjoyed the series and it really gave me a lot to think about as a young child. I am glad to have discovered Pullman. And I love how he wrote his books along with Milton's [i:1wlu1563]Paradise Lost[/i:1wlu1563]. view post

posted 30 Dec 2007, 03:12 in Literature DiscussionIlium by zephyr, Candidate

I was just about to post a thread about [i:28khu19s]Ilium[/i:28khu19s] and [i:28khu19s]Olympos[/i:28khu19s] in this section, but I came across this one just in time. I keep wanting to finally sit down and read [i:28khu19s]Endymion [/i:28khu19s]and [i:28khu19s]Hyperion[/i:28khu19s] but other things just keep getting in the way. These books gave me a lot to think about for the following weeks after (and sometimes I still ponder about them). view post

posted 31 Dec 2007, 17:12 in Literature DiscussionSaga of Dune : The end? by zephyr, Candidate

Yeah, Dune (by Frank Herbert) was definitely a great saga. I read the 2 trilogies by Anderson and B. Herbert and they were interesting, but is was definitely not the same and somewhat lacking. I won't read the conclusion to the saga by them because it won't have the same feel and I personally don't think it will be worth my time. view post

posted 01 Jan 2008, 05:01 in Philosophy DiscussionIs God Flawed??? by zephyr, Candidate

yeah history has a way of taking man's thinking and turning it completely around. If god created man and man has a brain then god made man's brain. duh you say. but i think that god would have instilled in man the ability to assess and contemplate and gather data/information using tools, books, etc. (different types of resources) to figure out what it is that man wants to know. this slightly takes away from the idea of a flawed creation, but it just seems plausible that the creator of man would allow us to learn and research and make mistakes about finding out what we search for. view post

posted 01 Jan 2008, 05:01 in Literature DiscussionParadise Lost by zephyr, Candidate

yeah Paradise Lost is a really awesome read. It's a little bit of a hard read, but I think there is a novel version of it by Joseph Lanzara and is much easier to understand if you're having trouble with the poem. view post

posted 05 Jan 2008, 22:01 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by zephyr, Candidate

[quote:3060jdf4]However, I personally think that the need for a God has slackened greatly in the current age[/quote:3060jdf4] [quote:3060jdf4]But now, the world has changed. Advanced technology has eliminated disease, famine, etc., from most of the world. And suddenly we depend less on higher authorities to make sure we survive.[/quote:3060jdf4] I do not agree with you GreyMantle. With all of human kind's advances in technologies of all types there will be more and more advanced diseases and advanced problems. Problems with anything will never be erased. It is simply how life works. Pain and suffering will always abound and people will always get hurt. The world, if it has no god, will always need one. Here is my view on god. I believe that somewhere in the cosmos there is [i:3060jdf4]something[/i:3060jdf4]. Whether it is a he, a she, a them, a thing/s, there is definitely some type of intelligence that somehow caused everything to be whether by it's intelligent design or accidentally not paying attention and Poof! here we are. In my opinion I don't really think whoever is out there really cares about us ( and if it did it does no longer). Just look at the world today. So much suffering and pain and unexcusable death of innocents all the time is happening. Does anyone really believe this is all in some god's master plan? view post

posted 23 Jan 2008, 00:01 in Philosophy DiscussionGeorge Bush by zephyr, Candidate

I agree with you Harrol. It's almost the same thing that happened with Jimmy Carter. He claimed to be a born again Christian which got him alot of votes in the religious sector. Then he got elected and everyone realized his falseness.(is that a word?). And Carter was definitely not good for America. Yeah George Bush did make some good decisions, but has ruined any support for him over his term. One thing I wish is just that he would learn to speak in front of people better. All his phrases are full of pauses and it gets annoying. view post

posted 30 Jan 2008, 23:01 in Philosophy DiscussionIs God Flawed??? by zephyr, Candidate

Yeah I guess not, but we can try. In response to dirk69er: "If humans are flawed and yet deign to ask if God is flawed, would not that make our assessment of him flawed in return? How can we fully understand God then?" Yes it would but you have to consider that [b:wuv14z5b]if[/b:wuv14z5b] we are a flawed creation then its definitely plausible that the creator is flawed. view post

posted 30 Jan 2008, 23:01 in Philosophy DiscussionThe Reaction of a New Religion by zephyr, Candidate

New religions will always pop up and some will always follow. Usually they draw from different cults or split from an established sect. As to whether a huge religion will be become accepted, I believe at least one will arise that a lot of people will want to be a part of (whether logical or not), but not for a couple decades maybe. By that time I believe an organization/groups of organizations will eventually try to combine the three main religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. If you research this you will find that some stepping stones are already in effect for this. view post


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