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posted 03 Sep 2006, 00:09 in Philosophy DiscussionOmar Khayyam (Warrior-Poet) by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

first post here and it's abaout Khayyam... go figure. I'm far from a specialist but IIRC I think that Khayyam was a scientist, a mathematician as well as a poet. And religiously he belonged to the Sufi sect which tends to have a much more outlook on God. I absolutly adore Khayyam's poetry, even read in translation as I do. I think it's well worth checking out (if you can find it, there's editions with gorgeous Preraphaelite paintings...) view post

posted 03 Sep 2006, 15:09 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWas Cnauir gay? by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

On Harry Potter fanfics : you realize that a lot of people write fanfics about adult characters of the novels? Such as Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black etc. Of course there's [i:hv986yzq]also [/i:hv986yzq]the teenage/children porn... nevermind. Studying fanfics : Henry Jenkins has at least published several books on the subject. Fandom dynamics in general is starting to be a subject of social study. I reccomend the LJ communities metafandom and fanthropology for more amteurish outlook to the questions people ask about fandom. On Cnaiur : I can't believe anyone didn't realize he was gayer than a tree full of monkeys on nitreous oxyde from the first book ! That's the whole point of Cnaiur. Overinterpretation of clue would be reading a homosexual relationship between Anchamian and Inrau (which I wondered about but then we had no more clues, so I assume I was reading too much into it) Cnaiur's homosexuality is as canon as you can get. It's even more obvious than Renly and Loras. view post

posted 03 Sep 2006, 16:09 in Author Q & AWhy are Kellhus and Moenghus of the Few? by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

speaking about breeding among the Dunyain, given how long they've been isolated... shouldn't ALL of the Dunyain be "Anasürimbor" as in sharing their ancestry, regardless of their last name (i assume the name is transmitted patrilineary, though why the Dunyain would bother keeping track of only the patrilenage through name escapes me)? view post

posted 03 Sep 2006, 17:09 in Author Q & ANot smart enough by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

[quote="Entropic_existence":1mdhswta]And again, I don't have moderator privledges in this particular section of the forum and apologize for any lingering spam here.[/quote:1mdhswta] Cannot you ban the people themselves who write spam repeatedly? view post

posted 05 Sep 2006, 05:09 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWas Cnauir gay? by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

[quote="Harrol":2a05p7co]Well Krijates Iryssas your perceptions are much greater than mine. It was not until the third book that I knew Cnauir was gay/bisexual.[/quote:2a05p7co] I'll need to re-read the first book to check out what lines exactly made me so certain of it... Lots of people are just not likely to even think of the idea of romantical relationship between samesex people, especially not in a very tough-and-macho fantasy series ;) However when you're used to slash and to all the queer-friendly sf/f books it's easier to notice? I don't know. view post

posted 07 Sep 2006, 19:09 in Author Q & ANot smart enough by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

[quote="Warrior-Poet":23w8voz1]He could ban them but many of them are Guests. Im at the point where I think we should just disallow guests completely.[/quote:23w8voz1] Yes, please! view post

posted 11 Sep 2006, 05:09 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAnasurimbor Maithanet? by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

[quote="Nauticus":3pjz1vcg]Kind of like a "what came first? The chicken or the egg?" argument. Does the Harbringer come and start the Apocalypse, or does the Apocalypse start and he comes to signify it?[/quote:3pjz1vcg] Good argument against Kellhus' Logos principes of what comes first determines what comes after :lol: causality =/= linear time, even if they often go in the same direction view post

posted 12 Sep 2006, 18:09 in Philosophy Discussion"Have you ever met someone who is smarter than you?&quo by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

I think that intelligence is qualitative, not quantitative. view post

posted 14 Sep 2006, 18:09 in Literature DiscussionErikson Neophyte by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

I like these books a lot but they're not for everyone. Erikson is at his best with epic and battle scenes, he really catched these moods well. The world building is extremely good and colourful, though not as good as Bakker's. The characters are much more lovable, but not always very deep (and they are very, very many.) There's some genuinely freakingly good ideas and images all the way, but you have to overlook some weaknesses, too. I think they're books that would appeal to most Bakker fen, though. They are similarity in the scope and power of the characters, though Erikson have many very uber-powerful characters instead of a couple :) and much more divine interventions (I like the fact it's a world where gods screw up mortals and mortals screw up gods) view post

posted 14 Sep 2006, 19:09 in Philosophy DiscussionSeptember 11th by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

[quote="Harrol":ew2mru71]I hoped that if we would maintain a neutral posture towards all nations that we would not easily be drawn into wars.[/quote:ew2mru71] Do you really think that before 9/11 the US had a neutral posture towards all nations? My own answer: 5 years ago I was turning 20. It's the first time something happening in another country was touching me so closely. Not only because I was, for the first time, following the events online, among people who lived it more closely, but because it was the first event of that magnitude was seeing. I remember Liberation, the main Left leaning French newspaper, titled "Nous somme tous Americains" (We are all Americans), and you'd have to be foolish to not see that, that we were all targetted. I suppose Historian will count it the start of the XXIth century, and we know everything that it has inaugured. I have the feeling that, to this day, most peope have no idea how to fight terrorism, and mostly are playing to their hands. The world is more segmented, the US more criticized as ever - sometimes rightly, sometimes for the wrong reasons. Fear is more omnipresent and many people make use of it, which makes me rage. This is much more are the consequences most of the Western world live with since. But the only way I was personnaly affected is that people remember my birthday more easily, now. view post

posted 14 Sep 2006, 19:09 in Philosophy Discussion"Have you ever met someone who is smarter than you?&quo by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

Can you give me precise definition of intelligence? I think that intelligence is too broad, too hazy a concept to be judged on a linear hierarchical scale. Not even dividing it in different areas (such as mathematics, verbal skills, etc.) pleases me. On any one subject, anybody would be smarter than I. On any one subject, I could be smarter than anybody. None of us are smart in the same way. It's different ways to be intelligent, IMO, rather than more or less intelligence. Hence my use of the word "qualitative". By the way, I think Sokar's answer is spot on: the question isn't more about saying "yes" than "no". It's about the realisation that we want to say "no" because nobody contains all of our mind themselves (except perhaps Kellhus ;)) But saying is just as much underestimating yourself as saying no is ridiculously arrogant. view post

posted 14 Sep 2006, 19:09 in Literature DiscussionEddings by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

Eddings is a good read when you're 14. Once you're passed 16, though, it loses all its charms. Many writers are like that... view post

posted 14 Sep 2006, 20:09 in Philosophy DiscussionSeptember 11th by Krijates Iryssas, Candidate

You definitly don't need to appologize. Thank you for your explaination :) view post


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