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Military Philosophy posted 17 November 2005 in Author Q & AMilitary Philosophy by Harrol, Moderator


I noticed that there are two oppossing veiws of warfare in the books. Conphas states that war is intellect and Khellus States that war is conviction. At one point in time I would have totally agreed with the belief that Conphas holds. Yet after reading TWP and reflecting back on several wars and campaigns I have read I see that conviction is a major role too. What made you pick up on this and make it a part of your books? I also love the way Cnauir describes warfare as an arguement it is priceless. view post

Military Philosophy posted 18 November 2005 in Author Q & AMilitary Philosophy by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

This question actually strikes at the heart of several big thematic axes I'm grinding throughout the books, Harrol. Since I feel cheesy interpreting my own stuff (which is not to say I don't enjoy the vanity of doing so!), I'll just say that it's the intersection of the two approaches I'm interested in, the interplay of intellect and belief - not just in war, but in society as a whole. Belief empowers, there's no question about that. The issue is one of whom and for what end. view post


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