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error? posted 26 April 2005 in The Warrior Propheterror? by White Lord, Subdidact

I don't think the book says he took out his heart. Serwe and Kellhus were tied against one another whilst hanging from that tree, so what happened is that Serwe's heart got somehow stuck on Kellhus's chest (and it'd be interesting to know the details of its getting there BTW . . .). Anyway you can ask the author himself in the Q&A section if you want anything definite. view post

error? posted 30 April 2005 in The Warrior Propheterror? by anor277, Didact

As far as I can recall, the incident with Serwe's heart had to do with the Inrithi ritual punishment for false prophets: Serwe, his wife, was killed and her corpse mutilated, Kellhus was beaten and scourged, and the false prophet his dead wife were bound together on a ring facing each other. The Inrithi are a nasty bunch of women haters, no wonder Fane had followers. view post


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