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Pronunciation of Achamian posted 11 Oct 2007, 02:10 by RogueAshaman, Commoner

My friend and I, who are big fans of your series, are having an argument over how you pronounce Achamian's name. I pronounce it based off of his nickname, Akka, as "Ah-ka-me-an". My friend pronounces it as "Ah-kay-me-an" because he says it sounds better. I thought the best way to settle this nerdy dispute would be to ask the man himself. I have done a little searching and it seems as though you don't have official pronunciations. But perhaps you can make an exception and help me end this argument. Thanks. view post

posted 16 Oct 2007, 23:10 by Phil, Candidate

Isn't there a pronunciation guide at the back of PoN? view post

posted 16 Oct 2007, 23:10 by RogueAshaman, Commoner

>_> Yes there is. And my friend is correct in his pronunciation. This makes me sad. view post

posted 17 Oct 2007, 07:10 by Phil, Candidate

Oops, I meant the DTCB... but you knew what I meant ;) I also pronounced it the same way as your friend. Sorry :) view post

posted 17 Oct 2007, 10:10 by RogueAshaman, Commoner

But I like the way I pronounced it. Now I have to change and it is going to mess me all up. view post


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