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What, no website (spoiler) posted 01 July 2008 in NeuropathWhat, no website (spoiler) by Vomikron Noxis, Candidate

So I'm about 100 pages in to &quot;Newuropath&quot; and I'm a little shocked -- in this day and age -- to see there's not even just a basic website up for <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->.

At any rate, I'm really enjoying the book thus far. I'll be sure to post full thoughts once I'm finished.

But so far, reading this book on a crowded train really makes one question humanity.

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What, no website (spoiler) posted 21 August 2008 in NeuropathWhat, no website (spoiler) by Mochi, Commoner

I was also disappointed by the lack of website.

It could at least redirect to his main site, or something! Just a notice that the domain has in fact been registered is rather boring. view post


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