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Best character posted 02 Feb 2004, 20:02 by Mithfânion, Didact

Who do you think is the best character of the series sofar, and why? view post

posted 02 Feb 2004, 22:02 by Wil, Head Moderator

This is a really hard question. They are all so well written, but I would have to say Esmenet is my favorite character. I've always had a soft spot for the "Unfortunate" characters. There is something about them that justifies everything that they do, because the have had such a horrible life. view post

posted 02 Feb 2004, 22:02 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

I really like Kellhus, but I also like Cnaiür. He has so many layers which just keep getting peeled back. Esmenet is good too, although I don't find her as intriguing. view post

posted 03 Feb 2004, 18:02 by delavagus, Commoner

Kellhus. He's the most interesting, and usually I find the most interesting character = my favorite character. I have a soft spot for Achamian, though, as well as poor conflicted Cnaiur (though if I actually met Cnaiur, I'd run in the opposite direction as quickly as possible). But really, my favorite character -- and I know this will warm the cockles of Bakker's heart -- is Earwa, the World. view post

posted 04 Feb 2004, 02:02 by LooseCannon, Peralogue

I liked them all pretty much. However, the Emperor Xerius really stood out for me. The guy was absolutely hilarious. His inner monologue was a treat to read, not to mention the way he treated his mother. Needless to say I got mucho amusement from his chapters. Hopefully if he dies he will come back as a disembodied voice or something. ;) view post

posted 04 Feb 2004, 03:02 by Sovin Nai, Site Administrator

Yes, the emperor was a character who continued to surprise me and I still am not really sure if he is brilliant or moronic. view post

posted 28 Feb 2004, 02:02 by Malarion, Candidate

Bugger, that was me who posted above. Guest be damned. Stupid boy never logged on. Bah! view post

posted 02 May 2004, 10:05 by Maltaran, Commoner

I actually liked Achamian the best. Although the Emperor and Conphas were quite intriguing. view post

posted 03 May 2004, 22:05 by LooseCannon, Peralogue

Yeah, the thing I like about Achamian as a character is he obviously holds a lot of power with his sorcery yet is still very vulnerable to Chorea so he is forced to restrain himself. I can just imagine the frustration of not blasting that bastard Sarcellus into oblivion ;). view post

posted 12 Jul 2004, 11:07 by DarkMatter, Peralogue

I really like Achamian the best and I find Kellhus very interesting. view post

posted 12 Jul 2004, 17:07 by Fortinbras, Commoner

I loved Inrau, in his brief presence. I can't put my finger on why, exactly, but I'm going to say he was my favourite. view post

posted 12 Jul 2004, 19:07 by legatus, Auditor

Achamian was a character I could really like without any reservation. He certainly comes off as flawed and fairly indecisive, but his underlying strength of character belies that outer weakness. Certainly an easy character to sympathize with. I also really liked Cnaiur, and even Kellhus to a lesser extent, but it's more of a love hate thing in his case. I can't help begrudging him his incessant manipulation, in spite of it being his greatest asset. I just want to smack some of the hapless idiots he draws into his web, which is probably another reason I like Cnaiur so much; he's cunning, paranoid and cracked enough to resist that damnable dunyain. view post

posted 15 Jul 2004, 04:07 by saintjon, Auditor

Wow do I ever hear you there Legatus. Achamian's my favourite. Something about the multi-pronged torture of life as a Mandate Schoolman, and the conflict of potence and self-doubt that exists in him. His love/hate relationship with sorcery adds some extra kick to him. My second favourite is Cnaiur. The guy's like an ultra-violent duck, unapologetically brutal on the surface and paddling like hell underneath. There are few characters in any story whose fight scenes I've enjoyed so much, Cnaiur makes himself undeniable. My God, how do you stand before a spectacle of war like that and have anything left to attempt to be the one he demands. I think one thing that makes these characters so memorable to me is the inner struggles their own compassion causes them. For Cnaiur and Kellhus it doesn't come out so much until the second book, but Achamian has his issues about using Inrau and being worthy of Emenet, Esmenet sometimes can't help but fling her profession in people's faces (to protect them from herself maybe? too painful to believe they could think more of her? or to protect them from being associated with her?) view post

posted 26 Jul 2004, 18:07 by drosdelnoch, Subdidact

Not sure who my fav is, I really like the schemers who appear in novels as well as the spy type characters, with this novel however each character has a hook that makes you interested in them. Too hard to pick. view post

favorite character posted 03 Aug 2004, 06:08 by lostsoul16, Commoner

well im not finished with the first book yet but so far Conphas has been my favorite character His cunning and power do it for me Akka was brilliantly written and very fun to read about view post

posted 04 Aug 2004, 20:08 by Taliesin, Peralogue

Hard question.... I think Achamian was my favorite, at least in terms of likability, but they were all so well-written. Inrau was great, but then he was gone.... I also really enjoyed the Emperor. view post

posted 09 Aug 2004, 03:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I guess I'm going to have to go against everyone here and say my favorite character is Nersei Proyas. Here's why - Proyas, to me, seems to be that kid who is so consumed with needing to fit his role that he refuses to accept his lifelong friends, merely because they don't conform to what he thinks he has to be like (i.e. he religious devotion and Akka..clearly not so much). He just seemed to have this air about him when I read that I found really intruiging. He fights with himself so much, on one hand he hates Akka for being a sorcerer, but he loves him because he was his tutor and his close friend. Unfortunately in The Darkness, Proyas is not 100% able to overcome this gap, which makes you wait to see if he can bridge it. I just like seeing a character grow and develop and become worldly from a closed mind, I just really like him.. plus he has that whole "Mess with me and I'll kick your ass" attitude, gotta love it. view post

posted 11 Aug 2004, 05:08 by steve, Peralogue

So far my favorite is Achamain, his struggles with Esmenet and his students are very interesting. view post

posted 26 Aug 2004, 15:08 by Brendhan, Commoner

Cnaiur urs Skiotha, breaker-of-horses-and-men Violent as violence was intended to be...ever, but able to love Anissi even as he murdered the traitors of his Tribe. Probably the only true match to the Dunyain Kellhus. His intelligence matched with his gigantic propensity for violence are what scares the beejeebus outta me and made me love the character all the more so. view post

posted 31 Aug 2004, 20:08 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

everyone loves the word it...or else and yes Cnauir is scary as hell and awesome, when i rad about him all i can think of is when Wayne and Garth met Alice Cooper in waynes worlds "We are not worthy!" view post

posted 31 Aug 2004, 20:08 by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

Thanks - now I have this mental image of Alice Cooper as a Scylvendi warlord. Maybe we should point this out to Scott and see if indeed AC was the inspiration for Cnaiür ;) view post

posted 07 Sep 2004, 16:09 by Orion_metalhead, Auditor

Favorite: Achamian something draws me to the power of magic and i usually like the mages and wizards most. one exception is WoT where i actually like Perrin and Thom most. Achamian is a great thinker and his causes are just. He fights inner fights as well as external conflicts... a top notch character if i ever read one. Most Interesting: Kellhus how can one not be interested by him? In the book he captivates people and manipulates them all and as you read he ... draws you in as well. extrodinary. his thinking is one of a kind. (well... among all the other characters ive ever read about before... i guess all the Dunyain think the same way) Least Favorite: Esmenet idk.. just didnt interest me much. im sure she holds some special importance in the book and i do look foward to her involvement in the other books but in some places i found her to be... well.. dumb. not a great thinker you know. i dont know if that was how Bakker meant it to be but that was my impression. view post

posted 09 Sep 2004, 20:09 by Da-krul, Auditor

All the charecters are great, but I found I jsut enjoyed chapters about Cnaiur just a lil more then the others, Achamians gotta be my 2nd favorite though. view post

posted 11 Sep 2004, 04:09 by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

[quote="Aldarion":251aphoa]Thanks - now I have this mental image of Alice Cooper as a Scylvendi warlord. Maybe we should point this out to Scott and see if indeed AC was the inspiration for Cnaiür ;)[/quote:251aphoa] Indeed this should be brought to his attention...can you imagine...Alice Cooper does rock though view post

posted 14 Nov 2004, 05:11 by Inner_visions, Candidate

Kellhus is definily want i'd call an original character but not my favorite in Bakker's series' The Prince of Nothing. Although i'm growing a small fondness of him due to his revelations and changes in the end of the second book. Cnaiur has got to be one of my favorite, if not my favorite characters. Already said was that he had so many layers like an onion. That's one of the most interresting things about Cnaiur because he's the most like a real person. His various layers overlap and melt and change and make him a different person then he was 20 pages ago. He's so unpredictable even Kellhus can only manipulate variables that he thinks will have an affect on Cnaiur, Kellhus isn't even sure about those. In response to the most recent 'guest' post, Cnaiur is not invincible(not that you said it) and has been trying to prove himself forever. That is why he kills, not even for his own culture of anything else but the need to be accepted. ALmost everything he does it for acceptance and self worth but in the end he has neither. Also he isn't just some massively tough barbaric warrior he has feelings too(lol) and has always been a slave to another, whether it be Moeghus, his fellow clansmen, or Kellhus. Well.... eh yeah something like that. Second favorite is Archamian because he is such an interresting character as well. Even more pain then Cnaiur's past, plus his always changing stance with his students, Esmenet, and in the second book Xinemus. ALso his relationship with Kellhus is very eyeopening because even after Esmenet has become Kellhus' he still wishes to teach the Gnosis to him. It just proves how much a belief effects the human physce. Other reasons as well but its 12:00 here and i'm tired so all i have to say is keep writting Bakker. view post

posted 25 Nov 2004, 03:11 by Morgoth Bauglir, Candidate

After reading some of these testamonials, I'm going to have to say that Proyas is my favorite character. He's a strong, fervently religious leader, that doesn't let faith or loyalty get in the way of reason. He's not bitter and jaded like Achamian, insane like Cnaiur, lifeless like Kellhus, or completely weak and naive like Esmenet or Serwe (neither of whom do I believe are nessecary to the story, except for the fact that Serwe carries Kellhus' child). Proyas is a calculating ruler, but he has human emotions that a normal person can identify with. Go Proyas. view post

posted 27 Dec 2004, 06:12 by Annabel, Peralogue

I loved the emperor. Scheming, self-aggrandizing, suspicious, insecure, capricious and altogether human. He's the most fun. I love the part when he gets shit on by birds and throws a snit fit. I also liked Esmenet. She's definitely the most sympathetic character in the book. I keep hoping things will get better for her. view post

Best character posted 13 Jun 2005, 12:06 by Ashmael, Candidate

What do you mean by "best?" Best characterized? Most interesting? More sympathetic? The more moral? The one you identify with? I really like drusas achamian, so humane, sensitive and haunted. He's the most likeable, and I was moved by his unfortunate loves. I identify much with him, no less because he has some sense of humour, unlike that fanatic Nersei Proyas. view post

posted 13 Jun 2005, 23:06 by diarmuid, Peralogue

akka i love weakness when it is well incorporated into strength some of which i expect to blossom soon view post

posted 20 Jul 2005, 16:07 by SoulKing, Commoner

I have to say Cnaiur is my favorite character. Anyone you has the audacity to stand up to Kellhus and remain un-dominated (or at least appearing to be un-dominated), no matter how it happens, gets my nod for my favorite character. Not even mentioning that he simply kicks so much ass as well (oh, I guess I just did mention it... :? ) view post

posted 22 Jul 2005, 02:07 by Izzarre, Commoner

I have to admit there's lots of good characters. Kellhus is obviously the bomb. Istriya is an interesting old crone/bitch/cunt. Akka is the shizzle. Esmenet is also interesting, but whores can get on my nerves - I still love reading about them though. :shock: But one is my absolute favorite, a guy who I see getting knocked around these forums quite a bit. Xerius, baby! The emperor! Call him stupid all you want, but he has his moments. Everyone is against him. Still he's managed to get by. view post

posted 28 Jul 2005, 03:07 by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

Cnair would be among my favorites but I just can't stomach his unmitigated brutality toward women. Akka is a up there, because he has a perplexed and conflicted quality that yields interesting though and deliberation. But, in the end, Kelhus has me completely transfixed. view post

posted 09 Aug 2005, 10:08 by WhiteLineRacer, Candidate

Gotian is my fav, he seems to be an honest fellow amongst fawning idiots. view post

posted 09 Aug 2005, 22:08 by Lucimay, Subdidact

Xinemus. he's the character i like the best. for some reason i like Proyas too. view post

posted 10 Aug 2005, 10:08 by WhiteLineRacer, Candidate

Yeah I'm liking Xinemus lots too, he is true also. But I'm not sure if should write about him in this section of the forum, so I won't. I'm caught in the, can't go to the TWP section as i'm quarter of the way through it and don't want to learn something that spoils it for me. I also don't want to type in here about characters in case I forget who did what in which book and screw it up for the chaps who have not started TWP yet. :lol: :? view post

posted 16 Aug 2005, 11:08 by target, Auditor

Gotta love Zin and Akka. I also like Proyas and i'm quite drawn to Ikueri Conphas, but my favourite would probably have to be Akka. The rest of the cast has something likeable about them (except the consult, who are set up as the 'bad' guys and i would probably say Kellhus and Serwe, whom i ust don't really like) but Akka just stands out for me and i really want to know what becomes of him more than anyone else. view post

my favorite character posted 02 Nov 2005, 06:11 by kansasbarbarian, Commoner

Cnaiur urs Skiotha, the most violent of men. That says it all. He is the ultimate badass. Tim view post

posted 07 Nov 2005, 13:11 by Harrol, Moderator

Cnaiur is my most favorite character. For some strange reason I can understand why he is the he is. I also like Conphas. His intelligence and ruthlessness make him a very interesting character. view post

posted 05 Dec 2005, 14:12 by Ciboule, Commoner

Drusas Achamian is my favorite character, easily ! :) view post

posted 12 Dec 2005, 20:12 by precentor, Commoner

[quote="LooseCannon":4lwrnotf]I liked them all pretty much. However, the Emperor Xerius really stood out for me. The guy was absolutely hilarious. His inner monologue was a treat to read, not to mention the way he treated his mother. Needless to say I got mucho amusement from his chapters. Hopefully if he dies he will come back as a disembodied voice or something. ;)[/quote:4lwrnotf] agreed! xerius seems like a composite of all the worst east roman emperors, and the nansur is a hilarious parody of byzantium. love it! view post

posted 12 Dec 2005, 21:12 by Nauticus, Auditor

My favorite is Conphas. He's so ambitious and proud that you find yourself believing him in [i:2cjne0z8]The Warrior-Prophet[/i:2cjne0z8]. Another favorite is Kellhus. I'll be honest, I dislike him greatly. He's so immoral and heartless, but that is exactly why he's a favorite. He's written so well and realistically that I actually like hating him. Proyas is excellent too. Proyas and Achamian are similar in that they are struggling over their separate problems, but in a similar way. Achamian and Esmenet are the two most heart-wrenching characters in the book, and I relate most to Achamian. It had my adrenaline flowing when he [color=cyan:2cjne0z8]laid waste to the Scarlet Spires[/color:2cjne0z8] in TWP. So yeah. I change my original answer. Although I love Conphas, my favorite character is Drusas Achamian. view post

posted 27 Mar 2006, 22:03 by glaz, Peralogue

Kellhus, definitely, for me. he is the true fantasy character. after TDTCB, he is the most dominating human i've read, if he is indeed human. the most violent, charismatic character. violent in a sense that he can do anything to you, not physically, but because of just what he is. Akka gets a nod too. view post

I'm the only one... posted 28 Mar 2006, 17:03 by Mahajanga Mordecai, Auditor

I guess I'm the only one that preferred Simas; although I knew the truth about him after reading the first chapter. Irregardless, I found his combination of grandfatherly gentility and shrewd canny admirable to no end. I'd like to have that quality. Akka actually got on my nerves a bit. Too conflicted on matters that require no conflict. How can you have that kind of power and purpose of being and still be so easily affected by the religious? Of all the people in Earwa, save the Dunyain, Mandate Schoomen have the Truth... and the power to back it up! How could he be so wanton? I also liked Zenkappa. I'd like to know more about him, but TWP made it clear that that will never happen. view post

posted 28 Mar 2006, 18:03 by Randal, Auditor

Methinks you've missed Akka's lessons. He's conflicted, he doubts, because he has seen where the belief you have the only "truth" leads one. He doubts because he knows that certitude only stems from ignorance. His dreams have no validity in and of themselves. They prove no more than Proyas or Inrau's religious fervour does. If he believed his point of view was the only valid one, and used the power of the Mandate to enforce that claim, he'd be as bad as the people he despises. He'd be as bad as the holy war. I admire him, because he has power, yet doesn't let that fact seduce him into thinking he's better than others, nor does it lead him to seek mastery over others. Akka shows that power need not corrupt, and doubt is his means of achieving that. view post

posted 28 Mar 2006, 22:03 by glaz, Peralogue

the one moment i loved about akka is in one of his internalizations, when he said that he can just torch this whole place, toast everyone in there, and he would come away unscathed. but, in the end, he didn't, and he just continued waiting. 3 things: 1. this just showed how much power he has if ever he intends to use it. 2. the nature of the human mind. there's just a part in us that wants to come out on top and take the easy in all things. 3. the character's humanity. not everything will go his way, and though he has the power to turn the sides and use it to his advantage, he controls himself. view post

posted 05 May 2006, 18:05 by Mahajanga Mordecai, Auditor

[quote="Randal":194bzk12]Methinks you've missed Akka's lessons. He's conflicted, he doubts, because he has seen where the belief you have the only "truth" leads one. He doubts because he knows that certitude only stems from ignorance. His dreams have no validity in and of themselves. They prove no more than Proyas or Inrau's religious fervour does. If he believed his point of view was the only valid one, and used the power of the Mandate to enforce that claim, he'd be as bad as the people he despises. He'd be as bad as the holy war.[/quote:194bzk12] I never said anything about him possessing the ONLY truth or the only VALID truth, I simply noted that he, as a Mandate Schoolmen, has a grasp on the truth. Nor did I suggest that having the truth should put one in a position to dominate others. Thankfully, attaining the truth (or should I say A TRUTH) doesn't require such behavior. Doubt is useful when used correctly but he uses it as a crutch, not a way to check his fervor. And he has NO excuse to be wanton with regards to religion. This is what puzzled me throughout the entire series. How can they know so much but still believe in the Tusk. Foolishness... rank foolishness! view post

Fav character posted 15 May 2006, 23:05 by Quizzms, Commoner

Has to be Cnaiur. He complex, vengeful, yet he questions on quite an intellectual level (for the barbarian he is)......remember in the TWP: "Truth shines!" (some random soldier says) - which are Kellhus's words i think. And Cnaiur, well.....hehehhehehhe breaker-of-horses-and-men indeed :D I also like achamian because he has such passion and strength despite his vulnerability and continuous suffering view post

posted 30 May 2006, 14:05 by coobek, Candidate

Achamian, followed by Cnauir and Kellhus. Also Giant warrior Yalgrtotha speaks to my imagination. view post

posted 01 Jun 2006, 23:06 by alhana, Auditor

Esmi and Serwe~ As a woman, I always enjoy reading the stories of other women. This book has intruiged me as I have read about these women not only as they see themselves, but as the male characters see them and interact with them. All of this is even more fascinating when considered from the standpoint of the author of these thoughts also being a man. I think the endearing and even heartbreaking parts are to read about the power of these women have through their souls and bodies, even when they are in complete submission. In discussing this with a male friend, I pointed out that when one has no rights, one's body and sex becomes the last protection of one's position, even when that is taken forceably. Utilizing their bodies and their feminine mystic, they shape the lives of the men in their world and ensuring their own survival as well as pull unseen strings of power that many of the men never see. Only Kellhus is completely aware of the power of Serwe, even though he eventually conceeds to engage her, for other unknown reasons at this point in the story. The parts about the women in this book reminds me in many ways of [i:3pburwy1]Memoirs of a Geisha[/i:3pburwy1] that I read last December; that author was also male but was able to capture the essence of being a woman and the experience of female within a pre-dominately male ruled society. view post

posted 26 Dec 2007, 15:12 by Gringo, Commoner

Cnair, his resolve is inspiring. I love his character, from when you first meet him to his final chapters in TTT. His arrogance is blunt and unrefined, his hate a roiling maelstrom of unceasing pain and misery. You feel sorry for him like one of the suffering champions from mythical stories. A tragic (Anti-)hero who just doesn't give in. I love him. view post

posted 15 Jan 2008, 18:01 by Uroborian Circles, Candidate

Aside from the ones mentioned some others I wanted to point out: -Eleazaras and Iyokus. Their conversations had a lot of depth and were very entertaining to me. (Tho most of that stems from TWP tbh) -The Synthese and "Sarcellus." [b:tfi0mw85]Wow[/b:tfi0mw85]... I mean... I don't even no where to go with them. My personal favorite: Cnaiur view post


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