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art work posted 09 May 2007, 04:05 by sdr, Commoner

I'm just finishing up the Thousandfold Thought and somehow I imagine this creature could be a character in this story.. don't really know why, as there is there's no descriptions that made me think any of them would look like this.. maybe it's just the pose that makes me think of Khellus.. [url=][img:p48z4amy][/img:p48z4amy][/url:p48z4amy] view post

posted 09 May 2007, 18:05 by Warrior-Poet, Moderator

Interesting design, though as of now it is not ringing any bells for me for characters. view post

posted 09 May 2007, 23:05 by anor277, Didact

Is it a figure, or a face? If a face, the 4 outstretched "arms" for mine suggest a skin spy. view post

posted 10 May 2007, 01:05 by Gravity Gun, Candidate

"...a high-winged monstrosity... Blazing eyes and translucent flesh." Aurang's original form? view post

posted 10 May 2007, 03:05 by RazorSmile, Candidate

Definitely some kind of Inchoroi/Consult thing. Very striking nonetheless. Or is it some kind of symbolic expression of a character's inner self? :D view post

posted 10 May 2007, 04:05 by professor plum, Peralogue

If you look at it upside down it looks like a mustachioed cat in a hat. Not sure if there's one of those in the books, though. view post

posted 07 Aug 2007, 21:08 by Chigra, Commoner

*Possible spoilers, but not really.* "It was half again taller than a man, with long, folded wings curved like scythes over its poweful frame. Save where it was mottled by black, cancerous spots, its skin was translucent, and sheathed about a great flared skull shaped like an oyster set on edge. And within the gaping jaws of that skull was fused another, more manlike, so that an almost human face grinned from its watery features." It's not exact, but it resembles an Inchoroi... sort of... view post


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