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Three Seas society posted 20 April 2007 in General DiscusssionThree Seas society by anor277, Didact

Don't know whether to put this in The Great Ordeal section but I'll choose this virgin field and let the moderators decide otherwise. The present society of the Three Seas, as we know, is fairly disfunctional. It is a quasi-feudal system, which operates under (i) gross social stratification, (ii) slavery (perhaps listable under (i)), (iii) the subjection of women, and (iv) a rigid, intolerant patriarchy (again, perhaps listable under (iii)).

It is reasonable to anticipate that Kellhus will change this society over the next 20 years, if not by reason of justice or morality then of utility. A society that acts to address (i) and (ii) and (iii), would surely provide a more efficient war machine than the present one (TTT time). As regards (iv), well Kellhus is part of the patriarchy; his elevation of Esmenet points to a more enlightened patriarchy.

So what aspects of society are liable to change under Kellhus direction? Comments, discussion?

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Three Seas society posted 20 April 2007 in General DiscusssionThree Seas society by Harrol, Moderator

I agree Kellhus will change society to make it more effective. I believe he will incorporate women into the ranks of sorcerers. He will need all who can sing down death to do so. I believe he will slowly remove the slave system so that he can run a better war machine. view post

Three Seas society posted 10 July 2008 in General DiscusssionThree Seas society by Trinket, Candidate

Think of a global loss of freewill. Although, since everyone is a slave to their circumstances, what does it matter?

I'm thinking that Kellhus will use religion to unite the Three Seas, and then launch campaigns to reclaim the North from the Sranc Hordes.... Because if he doesn't, no-one will. view post


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