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Can Inchoroi reproduce posted 23 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCan Inchoroi reproduce by unJon, Auditor

EE, we must just be reading this differently.

Quote: "TTT Glossary: Cuno-Inchoroi Wars":5adwpfeg
For five hundred years the Cunuroi and the Inchoroi waged a war of extermination, the Cunoroi to avenge their murdered wives and the eventual death of their race, and the Inchoroi for reasons they alone could fathom.[/quote:5adwpfeg]
I read the implication to be that the Inchoroi's reason is to save their own souls.

Quote: "TTT Glossary: Apocalypse":5adwpfeg
The roots of the Apocalypse are many and deep. Mandate scholars (who, popular opinion to the contrary, are not the recognized authorities on the subject) argue that they are older than recorded history.[/quote:5adwpfeg]
I read this as the Mandate believing that the roots of the Apocalypse predate the Consult which is within recorded history.

Quote: "TTT Glossary: Shaeonanra":5adwpfeg
The greatest prodigy of his age, Shaeonanra claimed to have rediscovered a means of saving the souls of those damned by sorcery.[/quote:5adwpfeg]
Rediscovered not discovered. The wording in this entry is different than in the Mangaecca entry where it does indeed say discovered.

But I think that the weight of the evidence is in favor of the Inchoroi realizing their damnation well before the Consult and my guess is that it is the impetus for the womb plague and non-man war which is really like the Zeroth Apocalypse anyway. view post


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