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A soulful question [WARNING: TTT Spoilers Inside] posted 22 Feb 2006, 22:02 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Ok Scott, this question has come about because of some debates we've been having on the TTT spoiler board, and a few questions that have popped into my mind from pondering them. Hopefully you can clarify a little anyway :) It seems to me that creations of the Tekne are inherently soulless, we've seen Skin-Spies declared this way, and based on observation in the book I can only assume the same can be said of Sranc, Bashrag, and Wracu (although to be honest we haven't seen enough of the Bashrag and Wracu to really be sure it's just something I assumed.). One of the things I've noticed (and hopefully I wasn't way off base) as that in TPON the soul is intimately tied into self-awareness and individual identity. The skin-Spies, are fluid in their identity because they have no soul for instance. Sranc seem to essentially be little more than clever beasts, etc. Of course one exception is that from the description we have had of Wracu they do seem to be very individualistic. So, do Wracu have souls? What of Bashrag and Sranc? I know you have said before "it is the rare animal that gains a soul"in Earwa, which I read to mean that while animals as a rule are soulless, the rare can indeed happen. I theorized that this same principle was what happened with the Skin-Spy who replaced Simas, it was an abberation that somehow came with. or otherwise gained a Soul more through luck than anything. So, if souls seem to be tied to identity how did this hinder the Skin-Spy who replaced Simas, after all if you have an firm identity of self as a creature with a Soul, would this not make it more difficult to shift and replace another being? Hope you can make answer some of these :) view post


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