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Moenghus = Mallahet? posted 10 June 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMoenghus = Mallahet? by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

As far as I know there are two different groups of people killing off spies. One is Mainthanet, who is killing off everyone's spies in the Thousand Temples and his actions are legal because the penalty for spying there is death. The Mandate is not singled out here, the Emperor and the Scarlet Spires have no spies either. This is not particularly suspect since we know that Mainthanet's generally been cleaning house in the Thousand Temples and this could be part of cleaning out corruption. Then there is the Consult that is following Mandate operatives. That's different. Blinding the Mandate is an obvious tactic, since the Mandate are the only ones who believe in the Consult anymore.

As for the whole business of ripping off people's faces, there seem to be two possibilities. One is for a nice addition to a Nonman's cloak. Another is that it provides some blueprint for a Consult skin spy. Although the Scarlet Spires knows the identity of Geshrunni so he can't work as a spy, but they don't know the id of the older corpse.

I personally would be flabbergasted if Mainthanet was working for the Consult. Bakker gives us clues about people who are - their eyes are strangely dead, they are pathetic, gross, etc. We are not given these kinds of clues with him. But there is a possibility that he is the older corpse. Five years is the right amount of time.

As for Mohengus, he must know the Mandate prophecy about an Anasurimbor coming at the end of the world and in asking for his son to come to Shimeh, he knew what he would be setting in motion...

At this point I am dying for the TWP to give me some new info to toy with... view post


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