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Skin-Spies have Souls posted 20 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSkin-Spies have Souls by unJon, Auditor

OK, this is me going out on a limb. More of a prediction than a theory given the little evidence we have.

We know that a creature needs a soul to work sorcery. We know that at least one skin-spy can work sorcery. So either that skin-spy was an aberration and the only one to have a soul...or do all skin-spies have souls?

Well why not? All humans have souls and only a Few of them can be sorcerors. So, perhaps, all skin-spies have souls and only a few of them can work sorcery. Since there are few skin-spies to begin with (compared to humans), then perhaps there are only a handful that are among the Few.

We have some other evidence. We have seen some skin-spies that recognize Akka as Chigra. I would argue, given the quote from Aurang to Inrau in TDTCB, that seeing Chigra is something similar to seeing the Mark. So only someone that is one of the Few would recoginize Chigra in a Mandate Schoolman. More concisely, if you recognize Chigra then you have a soul. So we have seen at least three skin spies that have souls. 2 that saw Chigra and 1 that was a sorcorer.

My conclusion is that all skin-spies have souls and that at least these 3 were among the Few.

There are good reasons that Consult does not make the skin-spies that are among the Few into Sorcorers. They do not want them to be Marked. The purpose of the skin-spies is to infiltrate various enemy camps. So the Consult would only want to Mark those that infiltrate one of the Schools. There is no other reason to teach Gnosis to one of the skin-spies. Which explains why we see skin-spies that see Chigra but are not Marked.

Now once the 2nd Apocalypse starts and there is a real war happening, then you can teach the Few among the skin-spies the Gnosis. But until then you would only want to teach those that infiltrate the schools.

As an aside, I was wondering if the proportion of Few among skin-spies was higher than the proportion of Few among humans. What made me think it was different is that it seems that the proportion of the Few among the Dunyain is higher than the Few among humans. We have seen 2 Dunyain tested for sorcery (Moenghus and Kellhus) and they are both among the Few. Is that because 1) they are of the Kunerian line of kings, 2) Dunyain, or 3) just random chance.

We have no reason to think that the old High Kings were of the few and random chance is unlikely (though possible). So my thought is that something about the Dunyain breeding for intellect makes them all, or a higher proportion of them, be among the Few. If this is true then it should be interesting in AE if the rest of the Dunyain come into play.

But back on topic. If the Skin-spies have souls and are in some respects bred of increased intelligence then perhaps more of them are among the Few.

I realize that all of this is pretty out there speculation. But let me know what you all think. view post


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