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The No-God posted 19 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe No-God by unJon, Auditor

Quote: "Entropic_existence":hblq3nbv
Which is why Maithenet was gald that the Consult were never able too replicate what happened with that one Skin-Spy. It was unique in that it had a soul. Imagine Srance, Wracu, and Bashrag Sorcerors? *shudders*[/quote:hblq3nbv]

I do not recall Maithenet knowing that the skin-spy was unique, just that it was the first he had seen/hear of. I don't think that we can conclude that there aren't other skin-spies with souls. Remember that they can also see Chigra in a Mandate Schoolman just like the Synthese can. Though I don't want to say that they all have souls. Just saying, well not really sure, but that we can't say that none still alive have souls. bleh, don't think this makes much sense now upon re-reading. oh well. view post


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