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Worldhorn & Heron Spear posted 19 February 2006 in Author Q & AWorldhorn & Heron Spear by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Quote: "Mog-Pharau":19imcmmc
Really? I thought that the No-God kind of came out of left field. Can you cite something that shows that it was a long-known project of the Consult?[/quote:19imcmmc]

I only have access to TTT right now (temporarily living somewhere for another few months and don't have the other books at hand until then) so I can't make the quotes for any of the passages from TDTCB or TWP and so don't have any direct quotes. But from reading through the glossary it makes sense to me. (After all it is specifically mentioned that Seswatha went for the Heron Spear before the No-God's appearance because he suspected it was the only means to defeat him, and I don't think the dates are accidental). Seswatha was also warned by the Non-men that they feared the Consult had rediscovered "dread and terrible" work, etc. For some reason I was always under the impression when reading the series that while the No-God's nature perhaps was not known in advance, they knew the Consult and Inchoroi were working on something specific to bring about the Apocalypse. Since Seswatha and the No-God are mentioned by name prior to the actual summoning of the No-God I can only assume those "in the know" had some knowledge of what the Consult was working on. view post


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