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The No-God posted 19 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe No-God by Mithfânion, Didact

I find it interesting that the No-God seems to exert some sort of control, and talks through, only those creatures WITHOUT souls. This, to me, seems to be our biggest clue as to the essence of what it is.


I am not so sure Sranc, Bashrag or Wracu are soulless at all. Was this mentioned at any point, specifically?


The Bashrag seem to be three human bodies fused into one, while I think the Wracu are directly spoken of as creations. Or am I totally making this up?

Well the Bashrag, like the Sranc, seem to have been made using the Cunuroi genome rather than the human one.

On the No-God in general:

As was mentioned, the No-God is described as being summoned. I therefore do not think he is, like the Heron Spear, an original creation of the Inchoroi Tekne though I realize of course that we cannot exclude that possibility at the moment. Obviously the Inchoroi must have had earlier knowledge of the No-God (perhaps from the planet where they originally hailed from) because otherwise I don't see why they would summon him.

I do know that it was mentioned that they are using the Tekne to resurrect him, but that is a different matter. Orginally, he was summoned. Now, note that Kellhus, in his infinte cleverness, touches on a sore point in his conversation with Aurang when he states that the No-God speaks to him and has let Kellhus know that he is displeased with Aurang, who "failed him". This clearly agitates Aurang greatly. We also have the other Inchoroi at TWP's end who once more confirms the reverence for the No-God.

This further confirms (to me) that the No-God is something greater than the Inchoroi, something greater than what they could create. They did not control the No-God, but worked for him, even as he furthered their ultimate goal of mass extinction.

What I personally wonder about is why Kellhsu dreams of him now. What does this mean? It would seem to indicate that Mog Pharau's mind or spirit is still very much alive, and just waiting for it to be resurrected. view post


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