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The Mandate Skin-Spy posted 19 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Mandate Skin-Spy by unJon, Auditor

Uhhh...I don't see why you doubt it. The skin-spies that we have seen seem to be in fairly regular contact with the Synthese. And the skin spies seem to live for a very long time since the Inchoroi cannot make them anymore, so I would say that the skin-spy probably came from Golgoterwhatever where he was chilling with the Inchoroi bros. Who the hell else would have taught him the Gnosis? I suppose one of the non-men erratics might have.

Who the heck else taught it Gnosis. We've already seen that the Mandate are incapable of betraying it even under torture to the death. And since the skin-spies only invaded the 3Cs about a dozen years ago, Simon was already a powerful Mandate sorcorer who knew the Gnosis. view post


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