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The Dream that went wrong posted 18 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Dream that went wrong by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Quote: "Mog-Pharau":culixwux
If Seswatha was keeping him from speaking during the torture, I think that would have been made explicit. Achamian didn't want to give up the Gnosis to the Scarlet Spires, independent of whatever Seswatha may or may not have willed.[/quote:culixwux]

From the section where Achamian is preparing to teach Kellhus the Gnosis:

Quote: "TTT p.140 (trade paperback)":culixwux
Achamian frowned, but he knew better than to counsel or contradict. Breathing deeply, he opened his mouth to recite the first utteral string of the Ishra Discursia, the most ancient and most simple of the Gnostic Cants of Calling. But for some reason no soung escaped his lips. It seemed he should be speaking, but something... inflexible had seized his throat. He shook his head and laughed, glancing away in embarassment, then tried once again.

Still nothing.

"I..." Achamian looked to Kellhus, more than baffled. "I Ccannot speak."[/quote:culixwux]

Kellhus then declared it to be Seswatha, etc. Now, when I (and I think others) speak of Seswatha having and exerting influence, we aren't necessarily speaking of some spiritual manifestation... more of a remnant, an impression of his consciousness (although I wouldn't rule out something more) If Seswatha's heart and the binding ceremony imprints Seswatha's memories upon the Mandate Schoolmen it is reasonable to assume some remnant of his consciousness remained at the very least, as I said an imprint if you will.

It is entirely possible Kellhu's explanation to Achamian was merely so he could get Achamian to submit to hypnosis to trick him into teaching the Gnosis but it is also logical, and fits with the theme of the books. Think about it, the Gnosis has never been betrayed by a Mandate Schoolman, under any torture since the birth of the Mandate several thousand years ago. It has also never, ever been betrayed willingly. I think the most reasonable explanation is that the Mandate Schoolmen are incapable of betraying the Gnosis and this is one more aspect of the binding ritual they undergo with Seswatha's Heart. view post


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