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Worldhorn & Heron Spear posted 17 February 2006 in Author Q & AWorldhorn & Heron Spear by Twayleph, Auditor

There is a (somewhat weak, concerning the crushing and repeated victories of the Apocalyptic Consult) justification in the glossary regarding why the No-God took the field

I don't know why you call the justification weak; even though the Consult won many victories, that doesn't mean they emerged unscathed from these battles. Before the No-God's advent the High North did win some victories of their own, and after that...well invading and destroying one Norsirai nation after another would thin just about any army, even one as huge as the No-God's I think.

How did Seswatha know he would need the Spear?

Because it was mankind's only hope. As long as the No-God lived, there could be no more births, and that means the utter annihilition of mankind within a few decades. The No-God had to be killed someday, and the Heron Spear was the only weapon powerful enough to defeat it. Even if Seswatha wasn't sure when, if ever, the No-God would take the field, he had to try to steal it or just resign himself to seeing humanity die for certain.

it is also not quite clear to me why Seswatch needed N-C so much that he had to lie to get him to come

Well I'm sure Seswatha needed someone with him; as it was said in TTT, he couldn't use sorcery without attracting the attention of the Maegendda. A sorcerer who can't use sorcery isn't much use...As for why it had to be Nau-Cayuti, not sure why it had to be him precisely, but it was said that he was the High North's greatest hero, so I imagine it was only logical to use his help when undertaking such a perilous quest. view post


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