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Some questions about the moon,witches and the Inchoroi. posted 17 Feb 2006, 01:02 by Linnea, Candidate

Hello, Scott and everyone else on the board (especially the nice people who posted about the PoN on the ASOIAF-messageboard,making me aware of it`s existence). I have managed to get my hands on and read tDTCB and tWP and now, having only spoilers from this board to help me pass the time until I get tTT,half a year after everyone else probably ,the price I pay for living in Sweden and not the wonderful country of Canada where people actually get to meet Scott and talk to him and post about it on messageboards and...well,nevermind,I thought I might ask some questions that I have been pondering,so; 1.Does Earwa have a moon?I can`t really remember any reference to one but I might simply have missed it. 2.As I understand it,the Consult /Inchoroi have enough understadig of genetics etc. to create the skinspies so wouldn`t they also have the ability to create say,a highly contagious disease,spread it and lean back and wait for it to do the job?Even if some humans are likely to survive the Consult would be very much closer to their goal and have an easier time finishing off the rest,especially since the sorcery in Earwa doesn`t seem to be used to/be able to heal people and the earwians certainly doesn`t have any deep knowledge of combating disease. 3.A continuation of the second question,why don`t the surviving Inchoroi create more of their kind?It`s unclear to me if they actually have any gender in their original forms or how they reproduce, but as long as they have the genetic material couldn`t they use the Tekne and create some "mini-inchoroi"?Or do they prefer to be the only ones of their kind?How do they percieve each other?Aurang refers to the other surviving Inchoroi as his brother, so it would seem that they have a concept of kinship,but do they like to err,spend time together? Did they try to create an Inchoroi-Nonman hybrid?What about an Inchoroi-Human one?I was thinking of their habit of hmm, practicing safe sex.It seems a bit unnecessary,at least for the one at the end of tWP,unless they are taking a moral stand or something. :shock: 4.Since there are no sorceresses in Earwa,only witches,I was wondering.what is their magic like?Is it anagogic or something else?What do sorcerers think about them?When Leweth speaks about them he says that they"harness the wild agencies asleep in earth,animal and tree."That seems quite different from the sorcery we have seen so far.I`m also curious about Akka`s "witch-doll".Is this something similar to what the Consult use to make the synthese?Would it be possible to bind a soul to acorpse or an animal ?Would the soul be able to exert any influence over it`new "home"?Did Seswatha bind his soul to the Mandate school in some way?And if the Ciphrang are in posession of the souls of the dead, could you summon one and have it "hand a soul over" as it were? 4.And finally,what is Conphas┬┤ haircolour?(Poor Conphas,I`ll miss him,he`s like the Sansa Stark of the Three-seas :cry:) Well,thank you for your time and I hope my Enlish isn`t to difficult to uderstand (or badly spelled). view post


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