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Worldhorn & Heron Spear posted 16 February 2006 in Author Q & AWorldhorn & Heron Spear by Mog-Pharau, Peralogue

Well, on that count, why even launch the Apocalyptic invasion in the first place? Think about it. The No-God stilled all births during his reign. To annihilate humankind, all the Consult really had to do was sit tight somewhere with the No-God and wait for all then existing humans to die. Why bother fighting and exposing your great weapon to possible destruction? Hubris?

Yes, not only do I think the Heron Spear will stay lost, I think it should stay lost. Although Kellhus's disposition vis a vis the Consult at the time of the Aspect-Emperor remains--to my mind--unresolved, it seems more likely to me that the conflict will revolve around stopping the No-God's resurrection rather than opposing it once reincarnated. Perhaps Kellhus will become its vessel? Rampant and, I admit, probably unjustified speculation. view post


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