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Worldhorn & Heron Spear posted 16 February 2006 in Author Q & AWorldhorn & Heron Spear by Mithfânion, Didact


I agree that the Heron Spear is most likely non-sorcerous, insofar as that the Tekne is not a sorcerous craft. Clearly Mog Pharau's chorae did not deter it.

I'm just curious about the relationship between the Heron being the most powerful weapon of the Inchoroi and how it is the sole thing capable of killing Lokung.

Mog, I agree with you that it is very possible the Heron Spear will not be recovered. Because if the ultimate conclusion is just finding the Heron spear again, it's too much of a repetition of the First Apocalypse, isn't it? On the other hand it would be interesting to see it being used against the world of Men, by the Consult. It was mentioned as having its whereabouts being unknown, rather than listed as destroyed, so clearly Scott left an opening there for future plot developments.

I'm thinking more along the lines of Kellhus being the main opposition of the No-God, rather than an artifact. view post


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