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The Dream that went wrong posted 16 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Dream that went wrong by Twayleph, Auditor

Seswatha has exerted no overt influence on events in the books, being present only through the Dreams, where he simply plays out events as they happened over and over.

I would say that's a pretty big influence already, no? The Dreams don't just make Achamian's nights unpleasant, they define him in more than one manner, as they do each and every Mandate Schoolman. It's because of Seswatha that the Mandate exists at all - the whole plot of PoN would be entirely overturned if the Mandate was out of the picture.

If you mean "overt influence" as being direct influence over the turn of current events...then what of Achamian's torture at the hands of the Scarlet Spires ? Achamian would've most certainly broken under torture if it wasn't of Seswatha's influence; he wouldn't have watched idly while they blinded Xinemus...Of course, it's not the same as appearing in a big flash of light and burning everything around him to cinders, but then neither was Seswatha's intervention in TTT flashy. He just blocked Achamian from speaking : a subtle, invisible intervention that nonetheless had important consequences - just like his intervention in TWP.

Although the scene was hazy, personally it just makes me want to learn more about it, I think it was well-written and intentionally ambiguous. view post


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